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Morro Bay "Docents" and "Local Naturalists"

This page links to some miscellaneous content (photo essays, articles, learning notes, and administrative tools) related to the activities, programs and interests of several of our local naturalists, including, but not limited to, the Docent Volunteers with the California State Parks in the San Luis Obispo Coast District.  The Central Coast Natural History Association, a non-profit cooperating association serving the district, financially supports some of these docent activities.  Visit the Museum of Natural History, Morro Bay State Park, served by these docents, or participate in the Adventures With Nature docent-led walk activities.  Here is some "hype" for a proposed article about these docents.

Docents.info contains materials related to docent, volunteer, and other naturalist activities in the San Luis Obispo County, Central California area.   Visitors to docents.info may want to join the related "Docents" Yahoo! Group -- Yahoo! Groups Help answers most questions about using Yahoo! Groups.

photo of  semi-annual

State Parks  Docent
Meeting -- hosted by
Pismo Unit,
Oceano, CA --
June 5, 2004


Walk Docents Yahoo! Group  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/walkdocents/  (new 8/05, Norma Wightman is moderator)
Adventures with Nature volunteers are walk/talk docents serving the San Luis Obispo Coast District of California State Parks.

Baird, Mike  (docent technical consultant volunteer...) Here is a partial list of some of my projects...

Beebe, Curt  (biography) and Beebe, Sandra

Cory,  Joyce and Adams, Phoebe

Dabritz, Evelyn & Dave  (Biography) Children's Stories:

Easton, Ray (inactive e-mail)

Eddy, Barbara & Ernest

Hagedorn, Kara  

Hall, Freeman and Worth

Hilton, Bill

Mason, George and Diehl, Margaret

Olszewski, Rosemary

Riley, Patricia and  Knapp, Robin

Rowlett, Richard -- Piedras Blancas observation blog (Piedras Blancas Gray Whale cow/calf survey)

Renshaw, Barbara

Rosenberg, Sylvia (rattlesnake photo)

Schubert, Steve  (local naturalist)  WebTV e-mail

Sheridan, Dennis -- Wildlife Photographer, Entomologist, Naturalist...
Dennis Sheridan Photography (most excellent nature photos) -- Dennis Sheridan is a native Californian and graduate of Cal Poly Pomona. His photography concentrates on birds of prey and native wildlife, as well as fungi, lichens, insects and wildflowers. He has traveled world-wide photographing natural subjects.

Wightman, Norma

  • Promotional poster for half-hour half-mile walks Aug. 4 - Sept. 2, 2002
  • Norma's Walk Docent Yahoo! Group (by invitation only?) -- Adventures with Nature volunteers are walk/talk docents serving the San Luis Obispo Coast District of California State Parks

Zehnder, Anita

 Password Protected Docent Pages 
(for access to these proprietary training materials, docents can request a user-id and password to browse this directory)

Pismo promotional materials

Docent Tools

  • CA State Parks Photo Consent Form (use this form until/if a newer form is provided by State Parks)
    Individuals who want to use an extremely simple photo consent form
    can download this Word model release form: one-per-page  four-per-page

To download the Excel timesheet template, PC users need to right-button-click the link below and "Save Link/Target As..." to save the template on your hard drive... Mac users can click-hold-down to "download link" or "save this link" (options depend on which browser/version platform is used)
(revised 7-29-02) (Excel document) for docents to use for any month of the year. 
If a dialog box pops up asking for a password, just click either OK or Cancel Button.
Check first, sometimes (not currently) you can e-mail these to a State Park coordinator at the end of the month, instead of going to the Docent House or Museum and recording hours in the ledger.
Examples of activities in the various time categories:

  • Administration:  Any activity not accounted for below.  Attending a walk/talk/meeting/training.  Continuing education attendee.  Library work.  Office/Computer assistance.
  • Curatorial:  Care and superintendence of museum exhibits and archives.  Collections management.
  • Interpretation:  Adventures with Nature walks.  Continuing education presenter.  Leader/Presenter for talk/walk.  Leader/Presenter for school group.  Leader/Presenter for docent training.
  • Natural Resource Management: Trail maintenance.  Habitat restoration.  Native plant gardens.  Non-native plant removal.
  • Public Contact: Museum info/front desk.  Montaña de Oro visitor center/ranger house.  Any public interface.  Butterfly trailer worker.  Museum roving docent.  Pismo nature center.  Media contact.
  • Public Relations: Press releases, promotional posters, public notices, website notices.  Publicity.  Special event promotion.

Timesheet (alternative) (if you are having problems using the above link, you can also click here and get to a directory containing the timesheet... right-button-click to "Save Target As" to save it to your computer)

If a docent or volunteer needs technical support to learn how to download or use the above timesheet template, contact Mike Baird by e-mail mike@[remove]mikebaird.com or phone 805-704-2064. 

Resources for docents:  National Association for Interpretation http://www.interpnet.com/home.htm

Revised 18 Feb 2008 22:53