Discover Magnificent Morro Rock Walk, Morro Bay State Park

Docent Training and Visitor Education Materials

This document will contains visual aids, scripts, handouts, promotional posters, and annotated photos (originally created July - August 2002, by Rosemary Olszewski and published here by Mike Baird).  This material is intended to assist in docent training and visitor education, for the walk entitled "Discover Magnificent Morro Rock."   Docent-related materials for similar walks can be found at the "Docent Pages" of

Docents are encouraged to update these pages by e-mailing corrections or improvements to the editor.


Detailed description

(Related Photos: Refer to the Morro Walk photo archive (this is a password protected directory only, no web page) of photos for docent training and visitor education for Morro Rock walk (docents can request a user-id and password to browse this directory)) Docent Pages

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