Morro Bay, CA Bird Fest 2003 Work Area
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Maps: color and gray-scale versions)
Note: These are very BIG .jpgs, intended for development use and not optimized for web browsing.

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Map 1 of 2 (color, grey-level)(1105x1737 pixels)
Revised Content 8-31-02
(Morro Bay showing Community Center, Vet's Hall, Library, Museum, Virg's, Kayak rentals...)   
5 MB Color PhotoDraw (.mix)

5 MB Grey-level PhotoDraw (.mix)

originals of above [Must have PhotoDraw to view]

wide-area-6-25a-GS-02Map2.JPG (1841514 bytes) Map 2 of 2 (Wider Area) (1537x1984 pixels) (~2 MB .jpg! BIG)  
Revised format only 8-31-02
(Routes to Montana de Oro, Sweet Springs, Elfin Forest, Los Osos Oak Preserve, Audubon Overlook, SLO Botanical Gardens, Elephant Seals...)
39 MB PhotoDraw (.mix) original ... last rev: "wide-area-6-25a-02Map2.mix"
of above is too large to download - linked here for future development only.

Here is an "image map" with embedded links to more information...
Float your mouse over the map below, and whenever the mouse cursor changes into a "finger," you can click to get more information about the area under the cursor.

The above image map is reproduced on this separate page.

Also, the Morro Bay National Estuary Program web site includes a good map of places to visit in the area. NEP-map-morro-bay.jpg (21391 bytes)

My May 30, 2002 e-mail to Norma Wightman regarding other sources for maps and handouts.