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Commercial Websites:  Morro Bay - 
Lodging, Restaurants, Golf, Camping, Real Estate, Airports, Shopping, ISPs, Misc.



Web morro-bay.com

Morro-bay.com provides partial content on this page only upon request, and does not claim completeness or consistency in listings, and we neither endorse nor disparage any of the businesses below.

Lodging, including Hotels, Motels, and B&Bs in or very near to Morro Bay. 


Responsible Recreation


Golf Courses, Golf Shops

Campgrounds & RV/Trailer Parks

Real Estate


Shopping & Yellow Pages

Internet Service Providers, Professional Services & Organizations
  • Charter's Pipeline cable Internet service, if available (it is in most areas of Morro Bay) has got to be the best deal -- very fast, reasonably cheap, and usually but not always reliable
  • Yahoo SBC DSL service is now offered in the area... be careful of your actual speeds obtainable in your specific location before choosing this over Charter.
  • DigitalPutty offers broadband wireless access (symmetric 300 kbps for $25.95 and 512 kbps for $48.95 as of 3-05) - used e.g., by The Flying Dutchman to provide access to boaters I think... requires a fairly large antenna to be installed as I recall.
  • KCBX.net, SLO nonprofit Internet service provider
    The best and cheapest way to learn about computers and the Internet is to take the free and affordable "hands-on" computer classes at KCBX.net in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Online learning is also available -- $5 per month buys you unlimited access to 34 different Desktop Computer User courses, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Exchange, Paint Shop Pro, and many others.
  • FixNet in SLO seems to be popular for dial-up customers (SLO is a local call from Morro Bay)
    (Not the best deal for web hosting)
  • Coastal Computers seems to be a good "small local" outfit that can hold your hand.  They say "we are small and friendly and want to keep it that way."
  • lingt media Flash animation, web design and development (Los Osos)
  • Website design by http://www.allstarcreative.com/ is very nice (SLO) (they did http://www.sportsrig.com/  )
  •  Website design and more by Fish Lips Creative (SLO, Morro Bay)
    (designers of http://www.embarcaderoinn.com/, where Fish Lips Creative's Cristi is a "marketing genius" said Embarcadero Inn's
    Ed Biaggini III.  "Therese, Cristi and Mike have been the backbone of our 'reinvention'." )
  •  Website hosting, Wi-Fi, and software competencies by  tolosatech.com  ("Our focus is providing not just a presence on the Internet, but providing a clean and succinct statement of who and what you are... ) (Miles Clark from Tolosa hosts http://www.embarcaderoinn.com/ )
  • LosOsosOnline.com Brando McCune, 15 years-old, local entrepreneur -- does good web site work!
  • I see http://www.thegrid.net/  was used by some, but it seems to have been acquired by Earthlink  
  • For those who want "free" Internet Access (nothing is "free")
    • NetZero is one of the few free "advertising-based" ISPs remaining, with SLO access numbers (NetZero currently supports only Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT) ...of the others... [10 hours per month free]
    • Bluelight.com's limited "free" Internet access [no longer free] through  Spinway.com (same as bluelight.com) [no longer free] has a SLO local access number, but it has many usage limitations... and 
    • Juno.com's (now same as NetZero) for Morro Bay residents (call San Luis Obispo) [limited free service]
      • I have tested most all the "free" services in the past (many have since gone out of business), and they are really bad -- they will likely crash your PC, put up annoying "ad-bars," time out on you, etc.  They are all selling "premium" services now.  Better to pay a little more and get a real ISP.  
      • (Note: 2001, Juno and NetZero announced that they have merged into a new company called United Online)
  • Wireless Internet options at http://www.tcsn.net/services/wireless.html as well as more traditional ISP (access) and hosting options http://www.tcsn.net/ 

  • For Low Price Web Hosting options, see  these (non-local) service providers

  • See "Related Sites" for local "Web Content Providers" such as the  morrobay.com Commercial Directory

  • Michael Lujan, Technical Writer and Communications Consultant

  • SLO STC is the San Luis Obispo county chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (Morro Bay)

  • C3RP http://c3rp.org/   The California Central Coast Research Partnership (C3RP) is dedicated to the 21st century pursuit of research and development in cooperation with California Polytechnic State University and private companies. A non-profit coalition, C3RP is committed to the exchange of knowledge and information between Cal Poly and private businesses.

  • Softec the Central Coast Software and Technology Association  http://softec.org

  • H.A.R. Marketing (Graphic and web design, personalized marketing plans, Morro Bay)

  • http://www.e-mmpir.com/  "E-mmpir Associates is a web-architecture and multimedia resource organization which utilizes a professional team of IT consultants, web designers, programmers, and graphic artists to develop your corporate identity and e-business presence to your targeted market place on the internet."  Doing http://www.voteformelody.net/

  • Need technical assistance using your computer, or in using the Internet? See this self-help page. 

  • slosimple.com  "No Fuss Web Design" by Los Osos local talent Judy Sullivan - highly recommended for creating a small simple low-cost high-quality web presence.  Slosimple says "Our specialty is creating a web presence for small, local (San Luis Obispo county, CA) businesses and organizations."

  • Pat Masuda (Sacramento, CA) does nice web design work -- see webmissus.com [note: Pat Masuda, deceased 2008, our deepest condolences]
  • ACES Transcribing & Secretarial Services


Services, Misc.