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Early Post Cards, Photos, and Memorabilia of Morro Bay, CA

04/2010 Some links were removed belwo at request of another site owner.

These rare old cards are dated from 1908 to 1910 and are from a book entitled Old Picture Postcards by Loren Nicholson


abalone-boxes.jpg (178880 bytes) This picture is of a box used in the 60’s to pack Abalone Steaks by Brebes
Seafood. The abalone diving boat shown is the "Hornet."  Courtesy of Giovanni's fish market in Morro Bay!

1870-1970-token.jpg (65514 bytes) 1870-1970 Morro Bay, California $1.00 Token

Original Harbor Hut menu, provided courtesy of Pete Thomas (Pete's web site another )  (Grilled Abalone steak $2).

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