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Un-Related to Morro Bay

 This is really old information best ignored (2010)

The links on this page have little to do with Morro Bay, but are presented here because someone asked... 

  • How to Make Your Own Website
    UPDATE 6-23-06:  FrontPage design and "getting-started" hints added;  UPDATE 6-7-06:  Microsoft® Expression® Web Designer to replace FrontPage
    -- The future of FrontPage --  Read about the next generation of Microsoft application building and Web authoring tools...
  • Inexpensive web-hosting service providers, tools, web services: 
  • TOP RECOMMENDATION Web site hosting by 1and1.com -- "now the absolutely best deal ever" (from $2.99/mo up) especially for people having many domains that they'd like to host on one low-cost account... (Use of FrontPage extensions was not completely obvious... a "bug" in the early interface tricked several users I know of.  The main trick that persists even now (2005) is that is you are hosting multiple domains, and they use FrontPage, you can't enable FrontPage extensions on the root directory.  This is easy to do, either on purpose or by mistake, and has stumped many.)   I've first experimented with several 1and1.com accounts and then hosted a dozen plus domains there (using the now-past free 3 year trial package offered late 2003 and early 2004).  (A couple of customer service queries I submitted early on were never answered.)  I didn't trust 1and1 enough originally to move a couple of my fairly large (100 - 200 MB) domains I had hosted at verio.com and Yahoo Website Services -- However, in 2004-2005 I now have all of my approximately 30 domains hosted at 1and1.com (on a $9.99-19.99/mo account) (Check 1and1.com for their latest pricing - the price keeps gong down, and the capacity keeps gong up).  The company is based in Europe (but it now has servers Stateside).  1and1 has emerged as the clear low-cost reliable winner for web hosting (especially for those wanting to host multiple domains on one low-cost account), low-cost domain name registration, e-mail and exchange server hosting, etc.  baird.ws shows some examples.  1and1 is my top recommendation for most people.
    Update 12-3-05:  I just had some new experience with using 1and1's MS Hosted services (Windows-based servers), versus their more standard Linux-based packages.  The bottom line is that if you want to use FrontPage and manage multiple domains, do not use the 1and1 MS-hosted services, but use instead their standard Linux packages.  In the MS package, you essentially only have one FrontPage web, and you have to create FrontPage sub-webs (all using the same UserID and password)... and your resultant domains look funny, like http://abcde.com shows up in the browser address bar as http://abcde.com/abcde/ .  To make this work, you have to code a default.asp start page that re-directs traffic to the proper subdirectory.  In the Linux-based accounts, each domain has a sub-directory as its actual destination, and all these problems are avoided.  Conclusion: use the 1and1 MS Hosted Services only if you need to do ASP coding, or need to use a Microsoft database or other Microsoft technology, etc.  Use 1and1's Linux-based services for all else. 
    Note:  One problem encountered multiple times at 1and1 was that when a new domain was added, and a directory created to house the related content... when FrontPage extensions were applied immediately thereafter, for some reason FrontPage extensions were instead applied to the root level... killing the ability to edit any domain, and requiring manual removal of related files at the root level via FTP, and de-activation and re-activation of FrontPage extensions to every domain... often requiring re-configuration of navigation bars, etc.  So, beware... when adding a new domain, wait a few hours (?) after editing the "destination" and before applying FrontPage extensions.  FTP a trial index.htm file to the directory in which you think the new domain's destination has been defined... and confirm that the target directory resolves to the new domain name before initiating an online request to enable FrontPage Extensions.  Also, you may need to log out and log back into your admin.1and1.com control panel to see updates to changes.  Here is a related 1and1 help page.
  • Another top recommendation, especially if you are hosting just one domain on one account...   GoDaddy offers inexpensive web hosting (2003) $3.95 up, and inexpensive (and very easy to manage) domain name registrations - most of my domains are registered here...  they are big, growing, and credible.  It is easier to purchase a domain name for a longer period of time (1 to 10 years) at Godaddy.com than it is at 1and1.com ... and I sort of worry about domain names renewed yearly at 1and1 slipping through the cracks.  I recommend to friend that when they first acquire a domain name, that they get it for a full 10 years so as not to worry about it again for a long time..  Godaddy is the next-best place to go to host multiple domains on one account.  You will need to spend at least $35/mo. for a "Virtual Dedicated Server" account featuring the Plesk control software.
  • Lunarpages offers multiple domains (called add-on domains here... 3 to 5 extra for $8-$23/mo, $2.50 each beyond that)
  • About.com's http://freeservers.com/ 
    (12 MB "free" web space [sign-up now requires credit card, small set-up fee, offers limited free trial] to experiment...
    limited tools, no FTP, no FrontPage, no e-mail... ad-based)... but presumably reliable.
  • Web Hosting Ratings (good) (reviews 8-03)
                (including FrontPage Plans)


  • Other
    • Peter Wightman's submission about Computers in Australia...
    • A few thoughts about drugs, Bolivia, and transcendence by Peter Coyote (1989) 
    • Download the Alexa Toolbar for a whole new browsing experience (warning -spyware/adware-based)
    • Casa Para Niños http://www.casaontherock.org/ is an excellent example of how to use the power of the Internet to organize a charitable organization... so is
    • God's Child (Nuestros Ahijados) http://www.ana.org.gt/  see also parent http://www.godschild.org/
    • MyWay.com, a new banner-free, pop-up free portal and Google-based search engine
    • Here is a Windows trick... the next time you want to go to www.somewebsite.com, just type: somewebsite CTL-ENTER
    • How to speed up boot time on your Win XP system:
      Speed-up Windows XP Startups. Allan Kelly wrote in and reminded us of a great tip on how to speed up your Windows XP start up times. Just clean out your prefetch folder. Windows XP keeps track of your frequently used programs and sets them up so that they start up faster. However, sometimes a lot of junk gets into the prefetch folder and can slow things down. Try this: Open the Windows Explorer and go to c:\WINDOWS\Prefetch folder. Click the View menu and then click the Select All command. This should highlight all the files in the folder. Once all the files in the Prefetch folder are selected, press the DELETE key on the keyboard to delete these files. Click Yes to send the files to the Recycle Bin.   Restart your computer. You should find that Windows XP starts a lot faster! Do this once a week and your Windows XP startups will always be snappy.


  • Technical
    • Who needs Microsoft Office to create or share the occasional letter or spreadsheet? Use http://writely.com/  and http://numsum.com/ for free.  This is a glimpse of the future -- there is not much reason to have expensive applications running on many PCs when these things can now be done online for free.  Here is my sample publicly viewable numsum.com "social" spreadsheet that you can view online.  Here is my sample publicly viewable writely.com document that you can view online.  Writely.com documents that you create online can also be saved as Word ".doc" files on your hard drive.  These utilities allow you to easily share and collaborate with others in the creation of such documents.  ajaxWrite.com is the newest player in this space... "the look, feel, and functionality of Microsoft Word, in a completely web-based... platform"


  • Internot
    noun. A person who refuses to use the Internet.

    Example Citation:
    "A psychologist has a new name for managers who see no reason to get internet access: Internots. The word comes from Dr David Lewis, the man who coined the phrase 'road rage.'"
    —"Survey targets the Internots," Financial Times (London)