Mike Baird, Docent Volunteer  -- Job Description
Computer and Internet-Related Consulting

As a "support service docent," I sometimes provide assistance and training with computer and Internet-related tasks.  If you are a Volunteer or Docent with the California State Parks in the San Luis Obispo Coast District, feel free to contact me  mike@[remove]mikebaird.com, 805-704-2064, Morro Bay, for possible assistance, which can be done by e-mail, phone, and/or personal visit.
"I like to teach people how to do things they can't figure out themselves, especially in exploiting technology -- as in communicating electronically, searching for information online, or in creating, sharing, and preserving intellectual property using the Internet.    Rather than doing a routine task myself, if I can teach other docents or CCNHA staff  how to do the same thing, then I have helped achieved a larger goal of making for a more productive and enriched docent community.  When we move on, all of our prior value in the organization may well be measured by future generations only in terms of the intellectual property we left  behind."

Job Description: Teach computer- and Internet-related skills to volunteers and docents on an opportunistic and voluntary basis. Implement technology-related projects as an individual contributor. Act as a resource for answering questions related to technology, possibly including the new generation of computer-based interactive displays in the museum, installation of web cams, etc.

To give you an idea of what it is I do...here is a list of the few projects I've started over the past couple of months:

Unrelated to technology, I also:

Here are a few other areas where I expect to be asked to help someday:

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Below is preserved for reference, portions of a much earlier working document attempting to delineate my duties. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2002 DRAFT Job Description

Background: An essential activity in the docent community is the creation and dissemination of information, or what might be called Intellectual Property (IP), to “teach, direct, support, and help” park visitors. Docents spend a lot of time preparing such material. Customers (other docents, park visitors, students) often only benefit from such Intellectual Property through personal interactions with the docent. Many docents have no access to, nor knowledge of how to use, the Internet and/or Personal Computers. Learning how to use these tools can open whole new horizons, increase productivity, and improve the docents’ work products. Intellectual Property often resides solely in the minds of docents, or in documents not readily available to others. The impact of docents, while substantial, is not always optimized. If a docent is inactive, much of the value of the Intellectual Property capital is lost, or not easily accessible and reproducible. 

Information technology (especially, the use of Personal Computers and the Internet) can make docents much more efficient and can add to their fun. Some examples of Technical Stuff I could help with & Related Benefits: