Biography of Morro Bay Docent  Evelyn Dabritz

Evelyn Dabritz teaching Monarch Grove Elementary School 1st grade May 3, 2002 Evelyn Dabritz at Los Osos Oaks reserve 1998 Dave and Evelyn Dabritz at Los Osos Oaks reserve 1995  
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Evelyn Dabritz is a retired primary teacher who still works with children through the school tours presented in the Museum of Natural History Morro Bay State Park

These stories for children were printed in a monthly paper for parents as publicity for the museum.  The stories combine amusing life situations of creatures living in the environs of the Morro Bay National Estuary and the Pacific Coast with accurate natural history facts.  Some of the stories have been presented by a storyteller at special museum functions.  Published here are:

Other stories written by Evelyn Dabritz are:

Contact information:
Evelyn Dabritz
Cayucos, CA

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