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Bird Photos from Morro Bay Estuary next to Morro Bay State Park Campground, Dec. 29, 2004.  Photos by Mike Baird -- Includes some experimental "sequences" (multiple photos of the same subject digitally merged into one image)

Composite image - two photos of one Pied-Billed Grebe are merged here  Composite image - two photos of one Pied-Billed Grebe are merged here

Dave Evers Design Studio - Nature Quest Gallery - Studio Cafe -- Rob Appell Designs -- The Cotton Ball

Photos from the upcoming Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival (Jan. 14-17, 2005) will be posted at BirdFest.Org.  You can find birding links, and detailed maps and descriptions of the best places to bird in Morro Bay at BirdFest.Org or at

Willet with Reflection, Morro Bay estuary Dec. 29, 2004

This "Index of Pacific Northwest Bird Photos" by Christine Vadai  is a pretty good reference for looking up photos of frequently encountered birds around Morro Bay

Times Press Recorder "Pulitzer Central Coast Newspapers"   Read about the new "Seven Sisters of San Luis Obispo County" coloring book.

Nature Photos from Morro Rock (sea otter, peregrine falcon, gull), Dec. 19, 2004

Nature Photos from Morro Strand State Beach, Dec. 18, 2004

Banded Western Snowy Plover observed on Morro Strand State Beach Dec 13, 2004.  Right leg: yellow above, orange below.  Left leg: white above, yellow below.  This female plover was banded as a chick at Fort Ord in 1999.
Banded Western Snowy Plover observed on Morro Strand State Beach Dec 13, 2004.
 Right leg: yellow above, orange below.  Left leg: white above, yellow below.  This female plover was banded as a chick at Fort Ord in 1999.  See more Nature Photos from Morro Strand State Beach, Dec. 13, 2004  Did you know that there are "Plover Police?"  A resource site devoted to the recovery of the Western Snowy Plover

South Bay Community Center has a new website 12-04 (Los Osos)

Microsoft launched a new search engine

"Plover Pie" -- A View from the Past, Snowy Plovers of the Pecho Coast by Mrs. McAbee.

Morro Coast Audubon's new site is
The Peregrine Falcons of Morro Rock by Judy Sullivan (information about docents and volunteers of the California Central Coast)

Photos from Coastal Sector CA State Parks Volunteer & Docent Semi-Annual meeting Dec. 4, 2004   

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Morro Coast Audubon has a nice "Photo Gallery" worth viewing.

Nature photos taken near Marina Point, Morro Bay State Park, Morro Bay, CA, Nov. 30, 2004 -- More Local photos or;  Photos of a California Sea Lion, Terns, Plovers, Pips and Willets on Morro Strand State Beach, Nov. 29, 2004Photos from Morro Strand State Beach, Morro Bay, CA, Nov. 10, 2004

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The Zim Family Cocker Cam - fun video called "Kung Fu Fighting!" or darling Cocker Spaniel puppies at play.  41 seconds, 1.18 MB in .wmv Windows Media Video format

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Assist in loon capture and banding a few weekend nights during the first part of January, February and March 2005 (new moon conditions, Fri/Sat/Sun evenings).  See   and "Volunteers Wanted"  Contact Darwin Long, Assistant Biologist, BioDiversity Research Institute, 19 Flaggy Meadow Road, Gorham, ME 04038 (207) 839-7600 e-mail "darwin.long at" Graduate Student, CSU Chico, 604 E. Ave. de los Arboles, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-4751 (805) 492-9999 e-mail "DJL4LOONS at"

Morro Bay will start with a clean slate of planners

Dec. 4, 2004 -- Lighted Boat Parade - Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce (805) 772-4467

Double Luck: Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan by Lu Chi Fa. Lu Chi, owner of The Coffee Pot Restaurant in Morro Bay, CA ... more at

Microsoft launched a new search engine

Check out Sate Parks of the San Luis Obispo Coast for a Beta preview of a great new State Parks resource. (Nov. 2004)

Tognazzini's Dockside Restaurant, and information about the Bonnie Marietta -- a 38-foot fully equipped fishing and research support vessel, owned by Bonnie and Mark Tognazzini of Morro Bay, are featured at  Read the weekly updates on fishing here also.

Google launches a new Research Tool at which draws upon newly developed algorithms to list the academic research that appears to be most relevant to a search request.  Try searching on "snowy plover morro bay" for example and you will see the many targeted academic and government references returned  This new free Google search capability should be of great assistance to our local naturalists and docents.

Copernic announces a new free desktop search engine (Nov. 2004)

Baysong -- kayak ecotours on Morro Bay -- The winter migration is on! Over 900 Brant Geese have flown into Morro Bay from Alaska.  Ducks and terns are making a racket and enjoying the richness of the estuary.  I will be leading two Birding Tours in November for Bay Song Ecotours where we will focus on Bird Habitats and Identification  Sat. November 13th from 9 AM - 1 PM and Sun. November 28th 2004 from 9 AM - 1 PM If you are around Thanksgiving weekend come spend Sunday morning with me working off the bounty of food from the Holiday. Invite your family and friends.  $45 includes kayak rental and four hours of education, $10 off if you bring your own kayak.  Bring Binoculars, sack lunch, waterproof pants.   We'll meet at the State Park Marina near the Bayside Cafe in Morro Bay.  Call Mandy Davis to sign up 805-772-8796 or 805-788-4733. Hope to see you sometime!  Submitted by Kara Hagedorn

Nov. 28, 2004 --  Christmas Street Faire

Morro Coast Audubon will be having a bat program with live bats on Mon. night, Nov. 15, 2004 at 7:00 in San Luis Obispo (flyer) (more at )

Port San Luis Marine Institute  ... an opportunity for children and adults to learn about marine science in a hands-on environment and to jump start an interest in science and ocean stewardship.

Double Luck: Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan by Lu Chi Fa. Lu Chi, the owner of The Coffee Pot Restaurant in Morro Bay, California, looks back on a life that reflects China's tumultuous recent history, from wars and famine to Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution. Orphaned at three, Chi Fa grows up amid hardships that will be scarcely imaginable to American readers. "Chi Fa, you are lucky. Good fortune will find you," his beloved Sister tells him when, yielding to her husband, she abandons him on another sibling's doorstep. The boy is shunted among his relatives, sold to strangers and eventually rescued from them by Sister; he is beaten, starved and forced to beg. At 12, he survives a dangerous trek to freedom in Hong Kong, where an elderly man to whom he gives food fuels his dreams of emigrating to America ("In America people eat three times a day. In America they are too full to swallow sorrow"), a dream he finally realizes at 20.  More at

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Is the Morro Bay Estuary filling with blown sand? By Curt Beebe

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Local bird photos from Marc Kurth.  More at 

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National State & Local Politics - Guide to issues and candidates


Mon., Oct. 18, 2004, 7PM Presentation on Bald Eagle Reintroduction on Santa Cruz Island, by Jessica Dooley, in SLO.  Related Flyer in Word format.

A National Geographic experience at North Point in Morro Bay -- 9/8/2004
Just another day in Morro Bay... reported by Kara Hagedorn

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Tues. Oct. 5, 2004, 6-8PM - Morro Bay Council Member Candidates' Forum, at the Morro Bay Vet's Hall...also on Channel 20

Cat owners: free parasite screening Sat. Oct. 2, 2004

Oct 2-3 -- Harbor Festival 2004

Another Microsoft security alert !- now it may not even be safe to view simple "JPG/JPEG" images -- To be safe, you must go update Microsoft Windows AND update Microsoft Office now!  Here are the complete instructions.

This flyer has information about a lecture in Cambria at the Vet's Hall. It will be about the Davidson Seamount. The lecture includes information about a huge undersea volcano west of San Simeon, and the ancient corals and sea creatures associated with it. It will be on Wed. Sept 22, 2004, at 7:00 PM at the Vet's Hall. For more information you may contact Michele Roest from the MBNMS at 927-2145.

Volunteer for Coastal Cleanup Sat. Sept 18, 2004

Secret Safari fundraiser - Sept. 18, 2004  (best feet and pictures for PR - temp picture store, deleted)

An interesting article from the Asia Times on "Why al-Qaeda is winning" "As nihilistic as it may be, al-Qaeda is a major success: three years after September 11, it is a global brand and a global movement. This brand does not have much to do with Islam, but it has everything to do with the globalization of the fight against imperialism. And imperialism is widely seen as having its center in Washington."

The Foreign Policy publication contains fairly objective analyses of today's important global politics, economics, and ideas.  Read this article on Al Qaeda, for example...

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I highly recommend trying this new free desktop search program -- "The Search engine for Your PC"  by Copernic Related article

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Los Osos, showing where the new sewer plant is supposed to go, photo by Red Truhitte

Goldfinch on tablespoon submitted by Carolyn Martin
Goldfinch on a tablespoon, photo by Carolyn Martin

"Home Schooling" wonderful puppy pictures

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Courtesy Laura Austin -  kayakers can see the channels in Morro Bay at low tide in this aerial shot...
See the channels in Morro Bay at low tide in this aerial shot... Courtesy of Laura Austin  more

For a lighter side of the political race... Bush vs. Kerry... go to 

The Public Works Advisory Board (PWAB) meeting will be held at the Morro Bay Community Center beginning at 6:00 Wednesday, August 18, 2004.  "Discussing the Options for Improvements to Upper and Lower State Parks Roads in the Morro Bay State Campground.  State Parks is reviewing various alternative improvements to the Upper (Parkview Drive) and Lower State Park Roads in the Morro Bay State Campground. As required by the Coastal Act the California Department of Parks and Recreation intends to apply for a Coastal Development Permit from the City of Morro Bay because the city is the lead agency for the implementation of the Local Coastal Plan. Preliminarily to the application, State Parks is reviewing various alternative approaches."

Morro Bay

Use -- to order custom T-shirts, posters prints...

Aug. 1, 2004 -- Merchant Street Faire

Hearst Ranch debate intensifies -- secrecy cloaks details of state's $95 million deal (more info)

State Parks removes trash receptacles from Morro Bay's Azure Street parking lot, presumably to reduce crow population
State Parks removes trash receptacles
from Morro Bay's Azure Street parking lot, presumably to reduce crow population.

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Mike's Weather Cam (help}

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Info on the Google IPO

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link to Bravenet cartoon-of-the-day (caused beeps on front page)

Need comic relief from computer problems? The ultimate revenge for all the wasted hours your PC has cost you.  Visit -- watch this video

Cal Poly's Mike Stiles' Chumash Rock Art and SLO County Birds with and exceptional Photo Gallery

You think Morro Bay gets crowded?

Sharks in the Pacific Ocean?

Janice Peters Morro Bay Morsels
Janice Peters writes
"Here’s How I Think about Morro Bay" (living in the postcard most people dream about visiting)

Faces and Scenes from the Morro Rock to Cayucos Pier Run July 10, 2004
Faces and Scenes from the Morro Rock to Cayucos Pier Run July 10, 2004
(shortcut )

Cayucos Land Conservancy Fundraiser Sat. Sept. 25, 2004

Fri. July 23, 2004, Sleepover at the Museum of Natural History -- sponsored by the Central Coast Natural History Association.


Tony Cornett's (The Fire Dude) "Morro Bay State Park Renovation Support Page -- By Concerned Citizens and Campers in Support of the Morro Bay State Park Renovation."  As usual,'s linking to such "position" materials is done without comment or judgment, and does not necessarily signify our endorsement nor disapproval. 

Urban Legends (don't believe everything you see on the Internet)

Where to find the presidential candidates' web sites (in alphabetical order) George Bush   John Kerry   Ralph Nader

"Dogs and macros" - photos taken today 7-9-04, testing a new 180mm macro lens, posted at  (will be deleted very soon)

Evelyn Dabritz's (Biography) Illustrated Children's Stories:
* Innkeeper at Morro Bay 
It's not Easy Being a Pelican

Photo collage from docent-led walk Morro Strand Tide Pool walk 7-6-04

Removed from front page 7-21-04.  Start now thinking of the Morro Bay Winter Bird fest: Media Release 2005 proposal. E.g., Visit the Observation Deck at the Natural History Museum in Morro Bay during Bird fest 2005 to see “Winter in the Estuary – a Refuge.” The estuary is a refuge or resting place for many species of birds that come here for the mild weather and abundant food during the winter months. There will be mounts of birds of prey, shorebirds, ducks and birds that live on near shore ocean waters. Also meet various owls, passerines and even the tundra swan, our bird of the winter season. There will be birding from the museum balcony and many interesting talks in the auditorium as well. We look forward to seeing you!

Thurs. July 15, 2004, 6PM Hearst Ranch Development - Cayucos Community Workshop, Vet's Bldg.  Check out  for more information

Photos from July 4th 2004 Celebration Tidelands Park, Morro Bay, CA

Sat. TODAY July 10, 2004 -- Rock to Cayucos Pier Run

Shari Small of KSBY TV "Daybreak" Interviews CA State Park Living History Montaña de Oro Docents Joyce Cory and Phoebe Adams 6-24-04



Photos  Shari Small of KSBY TV "Daybreak" Interviews CA State Park Living History Montaña de Oro Docents Joyce Cory and Phoebe Adams 6-24-04

Birds & Nature at Morro Strand, docent-led walk by Freeman & Worth Hall 7-1-04 Birds & Nature
at Morro Strand,
docent-led walk by
Freeman & Worth Hall 7-1-04

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Finding Fahrenheit 9/11 -- the 3-minute documentary that Michael Moore does not want you to see  (file is in Real Media format)

July 3-4, 2004 -- Art in the Park
July 4th -- 4th of July Celebration inc. Entertainment in Tidelands Park starting at 1PM  (fireworks)

Blue Heron,
Cloisters Park,
Morro Bay, CA
June 21, 2004


From today's Tribune, & Mercury News

Peregrine Falcon
sparring with a Crow,
NW corner Morro Bay High
School, June 21, 2004

Interesting things on the Internet:
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Does a Ford SportKa commercial show a cat being decapitated by a sunroof?
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Listen to FaithfulAmerica's peace ad "A Salaam A’alaykum"
 Read The Nation - Unconventional Wisdom Since 1865
 The Drudge Report - hot news

White-Crowned Sparrows

White-Crowned Sparrows, Western Snowy Plovers and Elegant Tern at Morro Strand Beach, Morro Bay, CA  June 21, 2004

Laid Off by OddTodd.Com
More reading delights
-- including some controversial items intended to open your eyes

Know your Schitt (humor)

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Smoking Subtracts 10 Years From Life

3-wheeled cambering vehicle

Living History at the Spooner Ranch House at Montaña de Oro State Park and their related Yosemite Visit Memory Book  Sat., June 26, 2004 will be a special Living History Day at the MDO park.

Internot: noun. A person who refuses to use the Internet.  A New York research firm says regular usage of the Internet by U.S. adults has flattened out at 63% of the population. Further growth will require the conversion of Internet "resisters" and "unconnected" consumers, according to analysis from Mediamark Research. At the end of April, the firm said, almost 80% of adults had access to the Internet at home, work or from another location. Andy Arthur, VP of client services at Mediamark, identified a "diehard group" of resisters that promises to hold out for the foreseeable future, as well as an "entrenched group" of unconnected adults. "This could mean that as a medium for reaching U.S. adults on a regular basis, the Internet may well be at saturation." In short, the resisters have access to the Internet but do not use it, whereas the unconnected lack access. Resisters have a median income of $23,934, while the unconnected earn $19,571. The unconnected are also more likely than Internet users to be African-American or Hispanic. Arthur said growth in Internet penetration is unlikely without cheaper connections, more Spanish-language services and compelling reasons for nonusers to get online.

It's Sea Otter Time at the Morro Bay Museum Visit Fredrika the sea otter on the observation deck until end-June.  (more photos)  “Sea Otters in the Kelp Forest” Saturday, June 26, 2004 10:30 AM Museum Auditorium.

TODAY Attention cats and cat owners! Free parasite screening -- UC Davis study, Sat. June 26, 2004, 9AM - 1PM, Coast Veterinary Clinic, 1825 Quintana Road, Morro Bay, CA

 Take a free online "Hearing Test" (bad link?)

   Is this a shark in our California coastal surf?  (click image for interpretation)

The Morro Bay kangaroo rat-w-text.jpg (41284 bytes) info Morro Bay Kangaroo rat
(update 9-1-05 the "info" link above seems to be dead now, to

Lying Son-of-a-Bitch --
Theory and practice of modern day lying
Kids! Learn from the adults -- it is OKAY to lie and steal -- when you grow up you too can overstate earnings by $2.7 billion and make millions of dollars and be the envy of your friends and never fear being punished

Vast Majority of Iraqis Still Alive  Saddam Hussein Freed On Technicality

Sea Otters are making a comeback!

Pelican at Morro Rock, Duke, Matilija Poppy, Finch, Sparrow, Red tail Hawk 6-14-04 

Buffy's Blog

6-11-04 - Wildlife at Cloister's in Morro Bay

6-11-04, Red Shouldered Hawk with prey - chased by American Crow - Morro Bay High School

Wightman's "Walk along the Edge" Cayucos Bluffs  6-10-04

24 Photos - 6-5-04  Pismo Beach and Morro Bay

Four new Drawings
by Rachel Winn Yon

Photo of the day 6-8-04 submitted by Dorsey Tuggle

Watch this personal weather cam (Mike's)

Richard Rowlett's Piedras Blancas 2004 whale observation blog  (updated 5/30/04 - Final 2004 entry)

Interested in the History of Morro Bay?   Visit our Historical Tab.

Photos: Ranger Ray Monson's retirement party at the Morro Bay Museum 6-10-04

Google language and translation tools

Read another new "morsels" contribution by Sharon Eckardt: The Rapture Project

* Read the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2003 Results
World News Network 

May - June 2004 -- Up Close in the Parks II -- 2nd annual art exhibit celebrating local State Parks. In the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History

Rockcod fishing in Morro Bay is open now and fishing is very good according to Virg's Landing

Political Commentary
by Arianna Huffington
"Ronald Reagan, Hedgehogs and the
November Election -- June 08, 2004"

Visit the nearby Los Osos Oaks Nature Preserve

Morro Rock, Morro Bay, CA -- What did it Look Like between the Mainland and the Rock from the Late 1800's until Today?

Visit beautiful Windy Cove, just north of the Morro Bay Museum

Learn all about Poison Oak in the Morro Bay area

photo of  semi-annual

State Parks  Docent
Meeting -- hosted by
Pismo Unit, Oceano,
CA --
June 5, 2004


"by-the-wind-sailors" or Velella Velella  on the beach this time of year.


Did Pedro de Unamuno Really Land in Morro Bay in 1587?  Probably Not!  

Los Osos and Morro Bay loses a beloved resident, Lee Broshears

May 29-31, 2004 -- Art in the Park

Do you
have a
home for

<= click thumbnail
to enlarge 
Morro Bay Scenes
Cloisters City Park

Birding Islay Creek 5-25-04 with docents Freeman and Worth Hall  <= click thumbnail
to enlarge

Birding Islay Creek 
updated 5-25-04

See photographer Gary Robertshaw's photos dedicated to the Morro Rock Peregrine Falcons at and see esp. May 2004 (falcon5)  and  May 22 falcon7 and May 23 falcon8;    Three Peregrine Falcon chicks - fledging 5-21-04 on the south side of Morro Rock - composite image of 18 photos.  Click thumbnail on the left to enlarge. 


Sat. May 29, 2004 9AM Hike Barranca Loop

Original Harbor Hut menu, provided courtesy of Pete Thomas (Pete's web site another )  (Grilled Abalone steak $2).Original Harbor Hut menu,
provided courtesy of Pete Thomas
(Pete's web site another
(Grilled Abalone steak $2).

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Sat. May 29, 2004 9AM Hike Barranca Loop
May 30, 2004 10AM-1:30PM Kayak Morro Bay  "Last Sunday of the Month Paddle" - Coleman Beach (calendar) (attendance poll)

News Release 5-18-04 --California State Parks, San Luis Obispo Coast District. The Pismo Nature Center is looking for men and women volunteers for a few hours, one day a week to plant, water and care for flowers, shrubs and trees.  No experience necessary. It is an opportunity to learn about gardening with native plants and to also gain personal satisfaction by improving your State Park for the enjoyment of present and future generations.  Volunteers meet on Tuesdays at 9:00AM at the Nature Center which is located just inside the entrance to the Pismo State Beach Oceano Campground, 555 Pier Ave., Oceano. For additional information call Jack or Grace Beigle at (805) 773-2147 or Susan Grimaud at (805) 543-2141.

5-18-04 City of Morro Bay may sue State Parks -- City Council to consider last-ditch effort to stop campground remodeling project; 5-19-04 update, Morro Bay city officials are holding off on seeking a court order to halt the remodeling of the Morro Bay State Parks campground.

 (click thumbnail to enlarge)  (Our flags in full glory in SLO)
 (click thumbnail to enlarge)  (Poppies in bloom in SLO)
 (click thumbnail to enlarge)  (Hike nearby Cerro Cabrillo for a great view of Morro Bay)
   Is this a shark in our California coastal surf?  (click image for interpretation)

Click here if you are totally lost.

By request, and with some hesitation, we present here a link to the American beheading video showing civilian Nick Berg beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and other Islamic militants.  This execution clip is extremely violent and shows Nicholas Berg, the murdered contractor, being killed in Iraq.  Be forewarned -- the scene is graphic, bloody, and deeply disturbing.  It is your right, as an American, if you choose, to witness such atrocities committed by mankind, in the hope of better understanding the depth and seriousness of the worldwide conflicts in which we are engaged. You are warned that viewing this is definitely not for children, and maybe not even for most mature adults.  Click HERE, and if you agree to the "terms and conditions" presented at (itself a fairly disturbing portal for uncensored videos and images of abnormal violence and sex in life), proceed.  Here is a link to a few of the related Abu Ghraib Prison abuse photos which are alleged to have led to the Berg beheading (warning: these are very graphic photos hosted at does not host this video material or these photos - we are merely informing you of some locations where such material can be retrieved.  Related prisoner abuse news via Yahoo Related discussion by (an almost totally unmediated, non-moderated, uncensored, free, publicly accessible message board in which is possibly the most dangerous place on the internet.)  Note: You can find any "fact" you want on the Internet - so don't always "believe what you see" so fast... for example, [referred to by some as "an anti-Semitic, anti-American, Hispanic Conspiranoia organization"] contends the Berg decapitation was filmed by the CIA inside the Abu Ghraib prison, and that the ultimate purpose was to make money in the pornography industry.  Note: does not attempt to verify or validate any information presented as "fact" in any of the extreme links referred to above... nor do we necessarily agree with or disagree with any of the positions taken.  Related satire.  [5-18-04 NOTE:  Disturbing Iraq-related material previously posted here [front page], has been archived, and we return to presenting you more information about "Enjoying Beautiful Morro Bay."  Thank you to readers who expressed their valued opinions.]  Disturbing Iraqi material has been archived -- we apologetically return to presenting to you what we have always promised -- information about "Enjoying Beautiful Morro Bay in a Responsible Way" -- Thanks to the readers who expressed their valued opinions.

* Learn More about Sea Otters & Elephant Seals” -- Monday, May 17, 2004 10:30 AM Museum Auditorium.

DNA reveals wildlife contaminating saltwater...  the main sources of "contamination"...  are birds, then seals, and finally sea lions.

Wed. May 12, 2004 9AM Quarry Trail to Morro Vistas

"Mountain lion spotting worries some Morro Bay residents"  Read the details at The Tribune site

Sat. May 8, 2004 Hike Coon Creek Coon Creek Hike

Sat. May 8, 2004 Walk along the edge

"Adventure with Nature" docent-led hikes and walks (selected walks are listed below)


April 30th & May 1-2, 2004 Cruisin' Morro Bay Car Show

Sat. - Sun. May 1-2, 2004, Botanical Garden Festival at El Chorro Regional Park

Get educated, then give your opinion about "Welfare Ranching in Big Sur" -- from our friends at the  Big Sur Introduction and Story

Basic Beliefs of Islam  more  more 

Try the new, search, includes "book results"

Take the Morro Bay Opinion Polls   (4-27-04 removed from front page... not closed)

CEO Dad   Bulls N Bears  PC and Pixel  Fat Cats  Barkeater Lake

Tues. April 27, 2004 9AM Quarry Trail to Morro Vistas

Engineering Your Start-Up:
A Guide for the High-Tech Entrepreneur --
by Swanson & Baird -- online free


Rand Rahim Franki, the newly named Iraqi ambassador to the United States, attends a press conference at the foreign ministry in Baghdad.(AFP/Ahmad Al-Rubaye)Rend Rahim Francke - Iraq's ambassador to the USA.  Buy Francke's hardcover book or paperback edition on Arab society -- The Arab Shi'A: The Forgotten Muslims - see Rend Rahim


Check out Godsendinstitute (did you figure it out yet?)

Sat. April 24, 2004 9AM Hike Barranca Loop web hosting, etc. (Pete Gonzales, company rep., 11-11-03 introduced this site to me... I have no experience with this company... looks interesting... more comments later maybe)
4-23-04 -- listing removed from due to excessive complaints which I have not attempted to validate personally.

Burger King's Subservient Chicken - ask it to do anythingWatch
Subservient Chicken

do what you ask --
how it works

Expand your horizons - check out these unrelated web sites:
* Urban Legends Reference Pages

* Does a Ford SportKa commercial show a cat being decapitated by a sunroof?
Shiori Matsumoto Painting Art Gallery
The Internet Weekly -- In Celebration of the Individual
* PC Magazine
* Air America Radio (a liberal talk radio station about info)

Keep your PC safe. Update Windows NOW! Microsoft has posted several essential new Critical Updates -- at 

BREAKING NEWS -- Fri. Apr. 16, 2004 1:15PM
Morro Bay power plant project gains another approval
The California Energy Commission on Friday said it was reconfirming its previous recommendation to license the Morro Bay Power plant project proposed by Duke Energy Morro Bay LLC, a unit of Charlotte, N.C.-based Duke Energy Corp. In doing so, the commission says it is overriding portions of the California Coastal Act and the city of Morro Bay's Local Coastal Program which, as interpreted by the Coastal Commission, could have prevented the construction and operation of the project. Duke, which bought the plant from Pacific Gas & Electric Co. during California's frenzied electricity deregulation period, wants to replace the existing plant with a combined-cycle facility just north of the current location. The project would result in an increase of approximately 20 percent in generating capacity to 1,200 megawatts. Approximately 30 percent less natural gas would be needed by the new, more efficient, facility to produce each megawatt. The existing facility would be torn down after the new power plant is built, the energy commission says.

The Harbor View project
BREAKING NEWS -- Thu, Apr. 15, 2004
Coastal Commission says no to Morro Bay building permit
Associated Press
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The California Coastal Commission shot down a request for a permit Thursday to build a four-story building in Morro Bay that residents said would contribute to parking problems, clash with local character and block views of Morro Rock.
The Harbor View project called for six commercial buildings and six single-family homes.
Several residents turned out to oppose it, including Tish Tefft, who wore a large, gaudy hat during her comments to commissioners to make her point that the building wouldn't fit in.
"This hat is as inappropriate and incompatible with this outfit as Harbor View is to Morro Bay," she said.
Dan Reddell, who sought the permit, said the project would provide housing and benefit the community.
It was one of several projects the commission considered on the second day of its monthly meeting.

Sat. April 17, 2004, 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM  Spooner Ranch House Bird Count -- The Early Bird Gets the Worm
Sharpen your birding skills at the Second Annual Spooner Bird Count. Observe avian feeding and mating behavior in a variety of habitats. At 1:00 PM
Freeman Hall will give a talk on peregrine falcons. Meet in front of Spooner Ranch House in Montaña de Oro State Park Friday, April 17th. No experience necessary.

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SystemWorks for protection
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Report on a recent presentation ( related)

Read these 10 Tips for better e-mails

Dog skateboarding -- entertaining (.wmv file 757 KB requires a media player; big download. This is a temporary file, will be deleted soon)

"We print lies to make money []"

Mon. April 12, 2004, 10:15 AM, Presentation by Kristen Sanchez: Southern Sea Otters: How are they Doing?  Morro Bay Natural History Museum Auditorium

Photos of a Sea Otter mom with pup, and Peregrine Falcons -- observed at Morro Rock, Morro Bay, CA  4-3-04

Western Snowy Plovers anchor for photo page Morro Bay, CAPhotos of a
walk on Morro Strand
Morro Bay, CA
April 7, 2004

THIS IS A FREE COMMUNITY SERVICE AD -- Can you help this person find accommodations?   Looking for a Studio apt. or room in home for 52 yr/ old man in wheelchair. He is a paraplegic living at present in Woodside rest home. SLO.  He is looking for anything/anyone that will accept HASLO payment +. Would like anything accessible via ramp, and is furnished, any help at all would be gratefully received. as he is in an electric wheelchair. He can do things for himself. A room in a home. Time is up at Woodside.  Answer via email Jo Pierce  (run until 4-4-04) [removed 4-11-04]

Sat. April 10 2004, 9AM Hike Coon Creek in Montaña de Oro State Park   extended description

Coming soon - a revolution in e-mail by Google -- Gmail (related technical buzz)

Photos from a walk on the beach 3-26-04

A couple of Killdeer
in the Cloisters drainage
area trying to distract
approaching visitors


Search the web using Google's  April 1st

The corpses were dragged from the wreckage and television pictures showed one burnt body being kicked and stamped on, while at least two were tied to cars and driven through the city - Adults and children hacked the bodies to pieces, before lynching two of the charred remains from a bridge spanning the Euphrates River
Iraqis Drag Four Corpses Through Streets   By SAMEER N. YACOUB, Associated Press Writer   FALLUJAH, Iraq - Jubilant residents dragged the charred corpses of four foreign contractors — including at least one American — through the streets Wednesday and hanged them from the bridge spanning the Euphrates River. Five American soldiers died in a roadside bombing nearby.

  ¡ It is This morning !  Morro Bay Celebrity Fundraising Breakfast, Thurs. April 1st, 2004 7AM - 9AM  Location is Veteran's Hall,  Morro Bay... an event to help support both the Central Coast Natural History Association and the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce. Tickets are $10 from CCNHA or COC.  For info call 772-2694 or 772-4467.  Bring extra "tip" money for the most fun.

Please participate in the community polls shown below.  You can see interim results by clicking "View Stats."  To get to a different poll (there are 10 total) refresh or re-load the page.  Each user (IP number) can only vote once in each poll.

Subscribe to Non-Native Tree Society nnts-org Y! Group Issues related to management of non-native trees - send a blank e-mail to nnts-org-subscribe@[remove] (remove the [remove] from the address) or


Subscribe to Morro Bay Day Hiking Club yet another Y! Group  (presently not very active, but it could be) 

Presentation from 3-8-04 Morro Bay City Council meeting re: Tourism Development Study & Hotel/Conference Center RFP project for the Embarcadero Market Street Site

News:  U.S. will review plover's status -- Agency to decide if bird should be protected species --  Subscribe to the related no-dogs-morro-strand Y! Group.  Discuss restrictions to beach access on Morro Strand Beach --  send a blank e-mail to morro-bay-subscribe@[remove]  (remove the [remove] from the address) or

Bush Urges Iraqis To Pass
Amendment Banning
Gay Marriage

Mon. March 22, 2004, 6-8:30 PM “Entrepreneuring on the Central Coast: How to Survive and Thrive on a Start-up Team” -- SLO Society for Technical Communication.

Sat. Mar. 20 2004, 9AM Hike Barranca Loop in Montaña de Oro State Park. extended description

A new poem by Sharon -- Worm in the Apple

Morro Bay News experiment

Museum of Natural History    Docent-led walks  Monday Morning Mind Walks (Jan-April)

March 18, 2004 Coastal Commission hearing (in Monterey) to revoke State Parks plans to renovate Morro Bay campground  The ribbon around this venerable tree indicates it is to be cut. These old eucalyptus trees are part of the campground's charm, and provide critical habitat for wintering monarch butterflies, and other wildlife. State parks people think they should be cut to make room for more RVs and because the trees are not native to California. They aren't. But Monarchs have made groves of eucalyptus their trees of choice because they provide better protection from wind and cold. (ref.)



Dennis Sheridan - Wildlife Photography, more

Laid Off by OddTodd.Com More cartoons and games  April Fool's  Music Credits

Living History  The Spooner Ranch House -- Montaña de Oro, inc. a new Yosemite Visit Memory Book
Something new on the Pecho --  Living History -- Yosemite Visit Memory Book (This material has been removed)

Mary Sadek's For the Love of Your Pet

Tide Water Inn in Cayucos

San Diego man gets probation in spearing of sea lion pup

March 5-6 2004 Musical Event Madonna Inn women's shelter fundraiser... Janice Peters for info...

Morro Bay Measure F-2004 -- unbiased information about the Districting Issue

Feb. 25-29, 2004, Tall Ship Visit 9AM - 4PM, Phone: 800-231-0592, baywatch@[remove], 699 Embarcadero Blvd. at Marina Square.

Google Watch (educational) A look at how Google's monopoly, algorithms, and privacy policies are undermining the Web

Sat. April 10 2004, 9AM Hike Coon Creek in Montaña de Oro State Park. On this brisk hike, get some good exercise with other outdoor-loving companions, while exploring the riparian landscape along Coon Creek... admiring a variety of wild flowers, berries, shrubs and trees. Meet in Montaña de Oro State Park at the end of Pecho Road in the Coon Creek parking lot. Bring water and snack, sturdy walking shoes. (Moderate) 5 mi., 3-4 hr.  extended description

Sat. Mar. 20 2004, 9AM Hike Barranca Loop in Montaña de Oro State Park. Great exercise, great companionship, and spectacular ocean, mountain and canyon views.  On this vigorous hike, you will view Montaña de Oro and Morro Bay from the Ridge and Barranca trails while enjoying wildflowers, birds, and native vegetation.  Bring water and lunch.  Wear hiking boots.  Meet at Ridge Trail parking lot 2.3 miles south of park entrance.  Strenuous, 1000 foot elevation change, 8 mi., 5-6 hrs. extended description

The morro-bay Archives contain many of the past front page posts

Subscribe to the morro-bay Newsletter Yahoo! Group -- Major changes to this site and other news about Morro Bay and surrounding areas will be occasionally distributed via this "read-only" style announcement list.

(Feb. 2004) Betty Winholtz (805) 772-5912 has requested volunteers to monitor State Park activity at the Morro Bay campground...Betty states "Parks is closing the campground two weeks early, starting Tuesday 2-17-04, before they have official permission to begin any pre-construction activities.  I am setting up a schedule where someone is at the campground literally every hour between 8-5 for the next 14 days to keep an eye out for activity.  They have willfully violated rules in the past, both here and at San Simeon Campground.  If there is activity the person can call me (805) 772-5912, the city attorney (City Attorney, Rob Schultz (805) 772-6568), or (and I'll check first) the code enforcer (Code Enforcement, Albert Sengstock (805) 772-6229) for the city."  Posted at the request of Betty Winholtz.

Jan. 16 - Feb. 29, Morro Bay Museum hosts the Ventana Wilderness Society's "The Condors are Coming"  Exhibit.   Workshop Sun. Feb. 15, 2PM.  High Mountain Lookout  more info Photos from "The Condors are Coming" 1-15-04 Preview Party 
Photos form the 2-15-04 Steve Schubert Condor Workshop

Sat. Feb. 14, 2004, Happy 40th Birthday Celebrate Morro Bay Parade, Morro Bay Blvd. 10AM-Noon, Phone: 800-231-0592 (acknowledgments)
Here are photos from the Parade -- "50 Faces" "Janice Peters and Betty Winholtz" and "Betty w/ Gigi of 12.5 years--  
(click to enlarge)

  (click to enlarge)
and the nearby reunion of Peregrine Falcon Watchers

Morro Bay Measure F-2004 -- Here you will find totally unbiased information about the Districting Issue -- updated statements from Janice Peters, Stan House Norman Risch,  Janice Peter's rebuttal Jim Wood Hershel Parker  Norman Risch again , Betty Winholtz,  Norman Risch again, Janice House  (removed individual poster links)

Very spooky -- search for personal information about anyone at Spoke is an interesting new "portal" for finding stuff

Microsoft Warns of (another) Critical Windows' Flaw Feb. 10, 2004 -- go Update Windows again!

Top 10 uncool web sites

InstaPundit (Internet's most popular Blog)

Create your own Mr. Picassohead

Check out these
beautiful street
Kurt Wenner
(in chalk)

(<= click to enlarge)

Rabbi Urges Pig Fat on Buses to Stop Bombers

"Eye of God"
Helix Nebula
Photo of the Day
2003 May 10



Be PC safe:  Run Norton's free Security and Virus Detection scans Update Windows Install Norton System Works 2004 (Norton Antivirus and Norton Utilities)  Don't open e-mail attachments unless you know what you are doing. Run PC Pitstop's free security tests  Run Steve Gibson's ShieldsUP! free security check   Install PestPatrol (~$40) -- security and personal privacy tool that detects and eliminates destructive pests like trojans, spyware, adware and hacker tools.  Also, Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.2 here  (free) can detect and remove a multitude of adware files and modules from your computer.  <-- you may be amazed at the number of intrusive programs that have found their way into your PC already.  Lavasoft's Ad-Ware is popular, free.  Get PC Help Update your Windows operating system - Critical Update posted 2-2-2004
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History of hunting in Morro Bay

Everything you wanted to know about safety cones

[owner found 2-8-04]
Found Lost Dog
Yellow Lab
(click to enlarge
Cloisters City Park
Feb. 6, 2004
Kathy Marti

Sat. Feb. 7, 2004 Annual Morro Bay Jazz Festival 2004, Info. Phone: 805-772-4467,  jazz@[remove]

SLO County Alerts from - this will make you cry or vomit:
History of USA support of Saddam Hussein  --
Military killing people

Bin Laden (warning - intense)

Super Bowl Coverage (2004)

Actual lyrics:  "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song"
If Janet Jackson's strip performance at the Super Bowl was not planned, why was she wearing this jewelry?  She now admits it was planned, and she apologizes.

Super Bowl Sunday (2004)  a Poem by Sharon

SLO County Alerts from

Sat. Jan. 24 Hike Barranca Loop in MDO

Wednesday, January 7, 2004  Vol. 30, No. 40, P. 5 "Local Section"   Central Coast Sun Bulletin, An Edition of The Tribune (Morro Bay, CA) "Local man's how-to high tech book is back."'s famous 30 second Bush Ads

News  U.S. To Give Every Iraqi $3,544.91, Let Free-Market Capitalism Do The Rest

Morro Bay Bird Fest Jan. 16-19, 2004

Enhanced RU/DAT Project -- Potential Tourist Development at Embarcadero Market Street site...  info to appear if it is ever made public at a City Council Meeting.  Note: Several months later... Jan. 2004... City Council apparently now realizes the certainty of an overwhelming negative public reaction to a related consultant's report, and it is now unlikely that the related documentation or previously scheduled 11/10/03 presentation* to City Council by the consultant, will ever surface.  It is unknown if public monies were expended in creating the unseen and controversial "consultant's report."
RECOMMENDATION: 1) Approve the Request for Proposal (RFP) for both the Embarcadero-Market Avenue Site and the Assessment of Morro Bay Tourism Marketing Infrastructure with any associated amendments; 2) direct staff to make changes as necessary and publish the RFP; and 3) direct staff to return to the City Council with specific recommendations for the makeup and organization of proposed review committees.


(<= click to enlarge thumbnail)
Here is a previously
unreleased photo of the
capture of
Saddam Hussein

Wednesday, January 7, 2004  Vol. 30, No. 40, P. 5 "Local Section" Central Coast Sun Bulletin, An Edition of The Tribune (Morro Bay, CA) "Local man's how-to high tech book is back." (warning, large file, 0.7 MB)

Norma's rig

PC Magazine's Top 101 Web Sites is a good source for hard-to-find quality travel items (discounted Tilley hats, money belts, shoulder wallets, Pocket Socks...

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