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Janice Peters
Flamingo Fotos
PO Box 2003
Morro Bay CA 93443
Photographer Janice Peters specializes in scenic views of Morro Bay and the Central Coast, but also has a wide selection of photos from Alaska to Europe. She offers website and portrait photography as well. Her work can be seen at Morro Bay Art Association gallery and most local art fairs. Her scenic note cards are available at Enchanted Rose, Crystals 4U, Penelopes, Harmony Pottery, Ragged Point and the Cambria Pines Lodge.

Janice is very active in Morro Bay affairs.  She has been the Coordinator of the Festival Staff for the highly popular and successful Annual Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival.  Janice's page at the League of Women Voters.  Janice is presently (2008) Mayor of Morro Bay.  You can visit her website "Janice Peters"
Here is an article contributed by Janice Peters

Here’s How I Think about Morro Bay

Morro Bay …
Where February is full of hot, sunny summer days and June is full of cold, foggy winter days.

Where Main St. is a lost-in-the-60’s movie set, complete with coffee house, diner, herb shop, ice cream parlor, bookstore, wedding chapel, art gallery, tattoo artist, two pizza places and catty-corner bars.

Where local celebrations mushroom into major events, like the Harbor Festival, Cruisin’ Morro Bay Car Show, Winter Bird Festival, Art in the Park, 4th of July, Skateboard Rally, Rock to Pier Run, Street Faires, and whatever an enterprising group of volunteers thinks up next.

Where neighbors faced with hard times are helped out with fundraisers that draw hundreds of people and dollars.

Where the smokestacks of the huge bayside power plant are looked on with fondness by many residents and visitors alike, as the beacon that welcomes them home.

Where the opportunities to commune with nature are endless, from hikes to kayaks to bike paths to long walks on pristine beaches.

Where spotting otters and egrets and seals and pelicans and deer and herons and squirrels and peregrine falcons and opossum is an every day occurrence.

Where the sound of a large airplane is so unusual, people stop their conversations to look for it in the sky.

Where the moon and stars are bright enough to light the nights instead of streetlights.

Where sunset is a daily source of amazing art.

Where “dressy” means your best Hawaiian shirt and a clean pair of jeans.

Where lots of us are from somewhere else but consider Morro Bay our real hometown.

Where at least once a week it hits you that you are living in the postcard most people dream about visiting.

Where you can travel from one end of town to the other and do a dozen errands in an hour or less, but you allot two hours so you can take time to chat with all the friends you encounter on your way.

Where the beauty of a blue-sky, white-clouds, blue-ocean, white-waves day can leave you breathless with the pure joy of living here.

Janice Peters

Janice Peters (driving) and Betty Winholtz in Morro Bay Parade

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