Wander with Central Coast California Docents via the Internet

Did you ever wonder what it is like to go on a docent-led interpretative walk?  What kind of people show up?  What do they find interesting?  What kinds of interactions are there?  Through the power of the Internet, you can now experience in advance, and in your home, many of the San Luis Obispo Coast District volunteer docent-led walks.  The morro-bay.com web site is a not-for-profit community service site, featuring educational information, maps, photos, historical notes, and information about enjoying beautiful Morro Bay and surrounding areas in a responsible way.  Included in this extensive web site are several sections on docent activities.  Just head your browser over to morro-bay.com, and click on "Docent Pages"  http://morro-bay.com/docents/ or "Outdoor" http://morro-bay.com/outdoor/ to see for yourself.  Visit the Central Coast Natural History Association's website where the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History and related docent activities are described.
Here, you can find many "photo-essays" documenting the popular walks such as Los Osos Oaks Preserve, Hazard Reef, Salt Marsh to Mudflats, Birding the Bluff, Birds and Nature at Morro Strand, Birding Islay Creek, Stories of the People of the Pecho, Shark Inlet to a Beach Picnic, The Franciscan Mélange at Estero Bluffs, and more. 
Read also all about special related topics in articles submitted and published online by docents, such as Curt Beebe's articles on "All about Poison Oak" at http://www.curtbeebe.com/ , and the slimy blue jellyfish-like creatures "Velella Velella" at
http://morro-bay.com/docents/curt-beebe/velella/.  Interested in the history of Morro Rock?  Check out the 20-photo essay  on "What did it Look Like between the Mainland and the Rock from the Late 1800's until Today?" at http://morro-bay.com/morro-rock/. And, if history is your thing, http://morro-bay.com/historical/ should be of interest to you.
Learn everything there is to know about one particular walk like "Windy Cove" by perusing online the entire knowledge base used to train docents.  The Windy Cove Site, for example, is extensively documented at
http://morro-bay.com/windy-cove/.  Here you will find Support Documents:  Tips for Enjoying Windy Cove, Beachcombing at Windy Cove Handout, Promotional Poster for half-hour half-mile walks, and all of these Tutorial Modules (State Park docents leading this walk should study all of these modules): Algae, Lichens, Vascular Plants, Other  Plants, Sources of Detritus, Barnacles, Feathers, Bones, Birds, Clams, Worms, Crabs, Other Animals, Pollution, and FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.  After you read this material, if you are not impressed with the depth and quality of the knowledge assembled by these dedicated walk docents -- then stay home -- nature just isn't your bag.
The morro-bay.com archives contain an ever-expanding array of docent-generated materials.  Do you like Raptors?  Freeman Halls "Montaña de Oro Raptor Identification Tips" at
http://morro-bay.com/docents/freeman-hall/raptor/ is just for you -- it includes 14 photos of local raptors presented in a handy-identification guide format easily printed on your PC.

Our docents are multi-talented.  Evelyn Dabritz writes children's stories related to our local nature -- see http://morro-bay.com/docents/dabritz/ for "Innkeeper at Morro Bay," and "It's not Easy Being a Pelican."  Artists abound in our docent community.  Barbara Renshaw's watercolor drawings of local State Parks scenery, flowers, and plants at http://morro-bay.com/docents/renshaw/ will simply astound you.

Our Pismo group is known for their dedication to the beautiful Monarch Butterflies prevalent in their area.  You can find their colorful brochure online.
The creation and preservation of intellectual property related to our docent activities is made possible today in a way never before available, and at a negligible cost.  The Internet provides a new way to share, expand, and keep current on all the things of beauty in our California Central Coast area that we all hold dear.  So, surf the Net, do some Virtual Wandering with our dedicated docents -- and then go take some live docent-led walks.  There simply is nothing more rewarding or educational you can do, and the people you will meet will make your day!

Other websites documenting Central Coast California docent-related activities and local nature topics are (in alphabetical order):
BirdFest.org - Archive related to the Morro Bay Winter Bird festival
CCNHA.org Central Coast Natural History Association's MorrobayMuseum.org Morro Bay Museum of Natural History
morro-bay.com/digitalchocolate - Mike Baird's nature photo exhibit
Docents.info - Local docent and volunteer site
lyingSOB.com - Lying Seal-On-Beach -- Always changing nature-related content
Morro-Bay.com - Morro Bay, CA Nature, Education, Conservation, Politics, and Responsible Recreation Guide
MorroBay.ws - Documenting Special Morro Bay, CA Events
MorroStrand.com  - Bird Identification site including photos for Morro Strand State Beach
StealThisPicture.com   - "Open Source" free nature photos
Mike Baird, editor morro-bay.com, and State Parks volunteer docent    (mike at mikebaird.com)

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