Monday Morning MindWalk Schedule for 2007
(Note: As of 11-17-06, The information below for January, February, and March 2007 is now the final schedule which can be used for official and approved publicity elsewhere)
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Return of the Mirounga?!
Jan. 8, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
Elephant seals are numerous today, but what are the risks?  The Central Coast population in the last 20 years has recovered from a small surviving stock.  Come hear about their past, present, and future.
Biography:  Rouvaishyana has been the CA Coastal Sector State Park Interpreter, and Manager of the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History since January 2005.

America has an East Coast Too!
Jan. 15, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
We are fortunate to live on or near the very rugged and beautiful West Coast of America, and of course we tend to tune out the fact that there is an East Coast as well.  The East Coast is indeed very different from the West Coast in its structure and geology.  Join Dick Boyd on a photographic tour of the East Coast, from Florida to Maine, featuring subtropical birds to  Atlantic Puffins.
Biography:  Dick Boyd lives in Morro Bay and is retired from an academic career teaching engineering.


Is the Brant's Goose Cooked?

Jan. 22, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
Because of the dependence of the Brant population on a relatively few key sites, the entire population is vulnerable to pressures at any one location.  Morro Bay's population is affected, among other things, by the availability of their main food source, eel grass.
Biography:  Bill Woodson is a retiree from the Los Angeles area.  He lives in Morro Bay with his wife Kay.  They have three children and seven grandchildren.  His main qualification for giving this presentation is that he is too old to get a job.


Alaska and Lake Powell -- All in one Visit!

Jan. 29, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
Experience colors, images, and the beauty of these magnificent locations in another Walter Robie multimedia Photo Essay.  Besides wildlife and beautiful scenery, we will see the Northern Lights and enjoy musical selections.
Biography:  Walter Robie and his wife Virginia have been long time presenters in the Monday Morning MindWalk series.  They are residents of Cambria.


Voyage to Antarctica

Feb. 5, 2007  10:15AM - Noon

Join the crew as we sail through the Chilean fiords and cross the Drake passage to Antarctica. Discover how Antarctica formed, why it is so cold, and how birds and animals, including the ubiquitous penguin, have adapted to the harshest climate on the planet.

Biography:  Anne Klinger has a BS degree cum laude from Central Michigan University, MA from Berkeley, and PhD from Washington State University; Taught at Univ. of Illinois, Chicago branch, and Clatsop Community College in Astoria, Oregon, where she taught anatomy and physiology.  Fulbright exchange teacher to England in 1986-87 academic year, and retired in 1993. Avocation: Sport of fencing. Member of two U.S. championship teams, and participant in two World Cup in France and England, placing 9th in the latter.


Our World: Poetic Visions

Feb. 12, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
Like the ancient shaman, storyteller or tribal elder, the poet and natural history docent of today interpret the phenomena of our world for their audience. The poet's vision, expressed through the artistry of language, helps the listener understand and connect with the subject of the vision. Local poets Ken Solomon and Beverly Boyd will present their own poetry as well as that of other poets to interpret interesting places and people, cultures and creatures, times and themes of our world.
Ken Solomon is an agricultural engineer specializing in irrigation and water management.  He started writing poetry to record experiences from his agricultural travels.  He has had poems published in Art/Life and Zyzzyva. Active in local writing workshops, Ken lives in Morro Bay.  Beverly Boyd has over 30 years' experience teaching English literature and composition. Her poetry has been published in such journals as Thema, California Quarterly, English Journal, and Lynx Eye. Beverly lives in Los Osos.


Shake Rattle and Roll
Feb. 19, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
We live in earthquake country. The talk will explore the causes, mechanics and hazards associated with earthquakes. We will look at the techniques of measuring the magnitude and intensity of earthquakes. Finally, we will examine some historical events that remind us of the severity of earthquakes and present some ways we can minimize damage during earthquakes.

Biography:  John McCabe is past President of the Santa Lucia Rockhounds, a gem and mineral society.  He is an instructor in Community Programs and a tutor of geology at Cuesta College.  He is a regular speaker at the Museum of Natural History and has given numerous talks throughout the community.  John holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Arizona.


Survey the Wreck of the USS Macon

Feb. 26, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
The naval airship USS Macon went down in a storm over Big Sur in 1935.   The remains of the wreck were discovered in 1990. In September, 2006, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) conducted an expedition to explore the wreck and document its remains. Learn more about this remarkable part of naval history, and see what the researchers discovered.
Biography: Michele Roest is Southern Region Program Coordinator, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.


Water! Water! Part II

Mar. 5, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
Water resource development has been an important element in the formation of San Luis Obispo County. Part I of this series, presented last year, gave a history of water development in the County prior to 1900. At that time, technological advances enabled people to drill deeper, store flood flows, pump more water, provide better quality water, and transport water further. This resulted in more cost effective irrigation and increased domestic water uses and reduced flooding. The two "world wars" were catalysts for water development. "Water! Water! Part II" will discuss how these technologies and events impacted our County from 1900 until 1970.
Biography:  Tim Cleath
is a state certified hydrogeologist who has provided consulting ground water and geologic services to the property owners and agencies of San Luis Obispo County since the 1970's.  He also serves as a volunteer on international water projects with Lifewater International, a local non-profit organization.


The Summer of Change

Mar. 12, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
Bob Field has proposed to develop a county wide informal science education project in 2009 called the “Summer of Change” in order to promote docent-led walks and talks in local state parks. The project features the “Natural History of the California Coast” with an artistic photography exhibition in the Hearst Castle National Geographic Theater lobby, a “Natural History of Planet Earth” poster exhibit in the museum, and new docent-led living natural history programs.
Bob Field has been a walk and talk docent for nine years and served as science education coordinator to the walk docent committee.  He has been an adjunct physics professor at Cal Poly for over six years where he supervises student projects and has developed an advanced physics course on the structure and evolution of the oceans, atmosphere, solid Earth, Sun, and biosphere.   Bob is developing an informal science education project called the “Natural History of Planet Earth.”


Insects Can Drive you Buggy

Mar. 19, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
Dennis Sheridan will discuss local commonly seen insects of the area and how they play a role in the ecosystem.  He will also show examples of world-wide insects and their unique place in nature.  There will be hands-on insects to admire and handle at the end of the talk.
Biography:  Dennis Sheridan has served on the Natural History Association Board of Directors, and he was the first president of the NHA Docents.  Dennis is a professional photographer and entomologist who has traveled worldwide and is published in many journals and textbooks.  A native Californian, he was born in San Mateo and raised in Arcadia.  He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 1973 with a degree in biology, specialty entomology.  Dennis moved to Morro Bay in 1974 and began a career in photography, concentrating on native wildlife, as well as fungi, lichens, insects, wildflowers and California scenery.


San Luis Obispo County History: A Snapshot

Mar. 26, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
The program will discuss, in photographs, the history of SLO County from the mid 19th century up to World War II.
Biography:  Ron Clarke is a native resident of San Luis Obispo County. He has lived in most parts of the county at different times of his life but he continues to be amazed at the rich history San Luis Obispo County possesses.

(Note:  As of 11-17-06, the information below for beyond March 2007 is not final and there may not even be April 2007 programs - these should be considered working notes subject to change)




April 2, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
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April 9, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
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April 16, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
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April 23, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
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April 30, 2007  10:15AM - Noon
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