Ron Clarke Mindwalk Notes

Mar. 26, 2007  10:15AM - Noon

11-3-06 The title of the proposed program is "San Luis Obispo County History: A Snapshot"

Ronald E. Clarke, Society Manager
San Luis Obispo County Historical Society
696 Monterey Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

The program will discuss, in photographs, the history of SLO County from the mid 19th century up to World War II.

I am a native resident of San Luis Obispo County. I have lived in most parts of the county at different times of my life but I continue to be amazed at the rich history San Luis Obispo County possesses

Ron Clarkeís Biography

Name: Ron Clarke
Born: October 21, 1962 in Paso Robles
He attended local schools in Arroyo Grande and graduated from Cal Poly in 1993 with a bachelors degree in history. 
In 2002 he graduated from Sonoma state University with a masterís degree in history. 
Ron Clarke has worked in museums and art galleries for the last ten years getting his start at the San Luis Obispo County Museum under Mark Hall-Patton. 
In 1994, he participated in a brief internship at the Smithsonian Institutionís National Museum of American History in Washington D. C. In 1995, he and his wife n to Palm Springs and in 1997 they moved to Sonoma County where he attended graduate school. 
While attending Sonoma State University, he worked as an intern at the Sonoma Barracks where he worked to archive the Vallejo Family papers.  He later joined the Sonoma County Museum as it began its expansion project. 
Ron has worked for the County Historical Society for the last 51/2 years. 
Ron currently lives in Paso Robles with his wife, daughter Sarah and son Robert.