Tim Cleath Mindwalk Notes


March 5, 2007

Water!Water! Part II
Presented by Tim Cleath

Water resource development has been an important element in the formation of San Luis Obispo County. Part I of this series, presented last year, gave a history of water development in the County prior to 1900. At that time, technological advances enabled people to drill deeper, store flood flows, pump more water, provide better quality water, and transport water further. This resulted in more cost effective irrigation and increased domestic water uses and reduced flooding. The two "world wars" were catalysts for water development. "Water! Water! Part II" will discuss how these technologies and events impacted our County from 1900 until 1970.

Tim Cleath, the speaker, is a state certified hydrogeologist who has provided consulting ground water and geologic services to the property owners and agencies of San Luis Obispo County since the 1970's. He also serves as a volunteer on international water projects with Lifewater International, a local non-profit organization.