TUBEWRMS.JPG (21673 bytes) Tubeworms
tubewormdry.jpg (6572 bytes) Tubeworms
Out of water the tips of the tubes close, and the tips become smaller..
eel-grasses.jpg (98863 bytes) Spirorbid 
eel-grasses2.jpg (65522 bytes) Spirorbid                                                                                   
SPIROBD.JPG (32260 bytes) Spirorbid Annelids

Spirorbid means “flat-spiralled. 
Cut off a 2 inch piece of this Eel grass. Look at it under the Microscope. Why the name? Put the grass in a dish of Seawater. Look again with The scope. Can you see The “annelids?”
bryoz.jpg (32650 bytes)

eel-grass-samples.jpg (100598 bytes)

eel-grass-closeup.jpg (44730 bytes)

Phylum Ectoprocta 

You’ll need to carry a three inch piece of this grass into the Museum, and look through a microscope, to understand this organism. 

After you’ve looked: plant or animal? Place in the food web?

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