Vascular Plants

SEEPWD.JPG (46504 bytes) Seepweed
SALTBSH.JPG (19630 bytes) Australian Saltbush
Atriplex semibaccata
TULE1.JPG (6641 bytes) Tule

The air tubes in this plant cause this plant to float. Native Americans made rafts and canoes from it. They also made matts from it (air mattresses?) and sandals (Air Nikes??).

This plant grows in shallow water. Oxygen from the aerial parts of the plant, from photosynthesis, diffuses down the stalk to the roots. The seed of tule can germinate and grow to the surface of the water in up to three feet of water! 
saltgrass3.jpg (24591 bytes)  Saltgrass
Heath.jpg (104180 bytes)  Alkali Heath (foggy day)
Heath.JPG (209044 bytes)  Alkali Heath(sunny day)

(Photo by Carol Modine)

Spinach.jpg (116835 bytes)  New Zealand Spinach
spearoracle2.jpg (53670 bytes) Spear Oracle

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