Other Animals

SNDFLI.JPG (35771 bytes) Beach flies
horned-shark-egg-case.jpg (87309 bytes) Horned Shark egg case. These eggs turn as they come down the egg canal because of the spiral fold, which also tend to hold them in place where they are laid. The eggs are the same size as a chickens' egg, but take nine months to hatch. The horned shark deposits its eggs in weeds at the edge of the Bay, and sometimes screws them tightly between stones high in the intertidal zone where they are safer from predation.
beachhopper.jpg (83043 bytes) Beach hoppers (Amphipods)
kelp.jpg (101071 bytes) Where amphipods are found (turn the wrack over) 
ValleyPocketGopherMound2.jpg (84985 bytes)  Valley Pocket Gopher Mound
Anchovy.jpg (126770 bytes)  Top Smelt                        
Velella Velella
The jellies’ mantle is water repellent on its upper surface.
This causes the organism to right itself if tipped over by a wave.

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