orangelichen2.jpg (9589 bytes) Orange Lichen
The fungus and alga of this lichen also grow separately and look differently when they do so.
otherlichens3.jpg (44287 bytes) Multiple Lichens
The greenish lichen is Lace Lichen. The gray is another fruticose (bushy in form) lichen. The cream color is a Crustose Lichen. 
P1010081.JPG (32996 bytes) Lace Lichen

The branches are strap like.

fog drip 1.jpg (77693 bytes) Lichens extract water from the air, just like this pine tree.

Alice Algae, a cook who was looking for a place to stay, met Fun Guy (fungi, plural of fungus) who was a builder. Algae have the photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll and can make starches from sunlight and carbon dioxide. Fungi are better at getting water and mineral nutrients like phosphorus.

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