FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) abut Windy Cove in
Morro Bay State Park, Morro Bay, California

Q:  How can I tell if the tide is coming in (flow tide) or going out (ebb tide)?
A:  Look at the boats tied up in the harbor off Windy Cove.  Moored boats will be pointing into the current.  You can get tide table information for Morro Bay on the Internet from this link, also found at morro-bay.com 

Q:  Who planted all the Cypress and Eucalyptus trees in Morro Bay?
A:  A couple of web sites and a local book (Gates and Bailey's Morro Bay's Yesterdays) discuss Morro Bay history... morro-bay.com has an index to all of these resources.  From morrobay.com, for example, we read (edited) "Franklin Riley and his wife moved to Morro Bay in 1864. The first citizens of Morro Bay had to contend with primitive living conditions and the forces of nature. At that time, the area was covered with grease wood and brush lupia, the only natural vegetation that would grow in the loose, sandy soil. Whenever an area was cleared, the winds would whip flying sand into houses and would clog water wells. The few well traveled streets were in such bad condition that a strong horse could barely pull a light buggy through the deep sand. To combat the strong wind, Riley obtained eucalyptus seeds, which were nurtured into seedlings, but sold them to anyone who wished to buy and plant." Said to be "imported from Tasmania."

Q: Any idea what this picture is?

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