Sources of Detritus

eel-gras3.jpg (109364 bytes) Wrack.  This is all dead eel grass, uprooted by waves at low tides, floated by the high tides and blown ashore by the wind - then dried by the sun. 
wrack.jpg (20918 bytes) A wrack line at Windy Cove. The distribution of the wrack varies twice a day, depending on the wind and height of the tide.
eel-grass-roots.jpg (47739 bytes) Eelgrass, rhizome 
EELGR.JPG (26284 bytes) Eelgrass
Zostera marina

Notice that the plant propagates by rhizomes
pickle-weed.jpg (32200 bytes) A piece of pickle weed from the Back Bay. Kelp is carried the other way, from the Ocean. The tide and bay work together, like a giant mixer and bowl, stirring everything together.

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