Craig Chippett, a visitor from Gander, Newfoundland shares the story of his April 9, 2005 visit to Morro Bay and three photos.

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To: Baird, Michael
Subject: ignorefilters... Trip through Morro Bay

.. I'm from Gander, Newfoundland and my wife is originally from Russia.  Since her mother now lives in Los Angeles, we recently visited Southern California for a week.  We traveled through Morro Bay on April 9th [2005], spending the night at the Ascot Inn.  While a rather basic place, I thought it was a comfortable place to spend the night, with the owner being very helpful.  We walked along the waterfront exploring some of the stores for collectables and gifts, as well as visiting a couple of the restaurants.  Very nice town!  It proved to be a great stop on our trip from LA to San Francisco.  The owner of the Ascot Inn also suggested a visit to Hearst Castle... that was a super idea!!  I had heard some small sketches about the place, but it was definitely worth the time it took for a tour in person!

On behalf of my wife and I, all I can say to all of you is, "Thanks for a great time!"  If I get the opportunity to visit SoCal again, Morro Bay will definitely be in there for destinations to visit!!

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