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Cover, Table of Contents, List of Figures, Tables, Sidebars; Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgments (227 KB)
Guy Kawasaki wrote Foreword to Engineering Your Start-up by James Swanson and Michael BairdForeword by
Guy Kawasaki
CEO, Garage Technology Ventures

Part 1:  The Genesis

1.  Start-Up Opportunities for High-Tech Entrepreneurs (126 KB)
2.  The Technology-Oriented Professional as Company Founder (130 KB)
3.  Life in Your Start-Up (134 KB)

Part 2:  Getting Down to Business
4.  Market- vs. Technology-Focused Approach to Growing a Business (144 KB)
5.  When High-Growth Business is Desirable and Necessary (112 KB)
6.  Start-Up Financing Terminology and Stages (163 KB)

Part 3:  Elements of a Successful Start-Up
7.   Create Your Management Team and Board of Directors (190 KB)
8.   Evaluate Markets and Target Customers (139 KB)
9.   Define Your Product or Service (181 KB)
10.  Write Your Business Plan (278 KB)
11.  Funding Issues (3,891 KB warning <-- long load time!)
12.  The Term Sheet—A Practical Overview (271 KB)

Part 4:  Making It Pay
13.  Remuneration Practices for Your Start-Up (153 KB)
14.  Stock Ownership (232 KB)
15.  Stock Options (151 KB)
16.  Other Equity and Wealth-Building Vehicles (116 KB)
17.  Valuing Your Equity Position (183 KB)
18. Other Compensation and Start-Up Employment Considerations (146 KB)

Part 5:  Doing It
19.  Protecting Your Intellectual Property (148 KB)
20.  The Legal Form of Your Start-Up (114 KB)
21.  Making the Start-Up Decision (161 KB)
22.  Some Final Comments (82 KB)
      Appendix, Resources, References and Recommended reading, Index, About the Authors

Errata (some corrections or additions to the next printing will appear here)



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