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01 Oct 2009  Good VC updates in Chart Form from Silicon Alley Insider - use of all these charts would probably exceed fair use?

PPI contact info >= 3/31/09  Scott Marley smarley [at} ppi2pass d o t com, Project Editor, PPI, 1250 Fifth Avenue, Belmont CA 94002, 650.593.9119 x 142

Possible 2009 addition to EYSU2:  " Overall, venture capital investment reached only $3 billion during the first quarter of 2009, down a whopping 61 percent from the $7.7 billion during the same period in 2008. This is the smallest sum venture capitalists have invested in start-ups since 1997, and the sharpest year-over-year decline ever recorded."  Source: From  Same as

PPI contact info 8/8/07:

Mike and Jim -- Dann Bergmann forwarded your email to me.  He's still with PPI but is now the Director of Education (live review classes).  I 'm still managing the editorial and new product development departments, and Greg Monteforte is the Director of Marketing.  His email is gmonteforte at, and his phone is 650-593-9119 ext. 132.  It is great to hear that you are still keeping a list of things to do for the next edition.  Do you have a timeline for making changes?  By current sales estimates, we have inventory through July 2008.  We will need to know if you plan on doing a new edition before the book is ready for reprint.   I also noted the reader's suggestions to translate the book. In the past we have done translations only when there has been a foreign publisher to produce and market the book. If you have any suggestions about publishers for EYSU2 (or 3), I'd be happy to hear them.  Sarah Hubbard, Director of NPD, PPI, 1250 Fifth Avenue, Belmont, CA  94002, 650-593-9119 ext. 128

From: Naftali Anderson   Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 11:52 PM    Subject: Re: selecting a patent attorney
... Michael, I found this really great article about selecting a patent attorney that is essential for startup teams operating outside of areas like Silicon Valley, Boston or Portland, Oregon (where I was born) and would be very helpful to someone in one of the areas like where I am now in Israel which has lots of great people, but lacks a startup support industry that compares with any of the above.   If you're part of an English speaking startup team in Israel you do not have easy access to the startup infrastructure that does exist here unless your Hebrew is closer to fluent than ours was when we started.  Find the Right Patent Attorney For You!    Another article that I also found on selecting a patent attorney is a little less useful, but still has some good ideas is:  Know how and when to choose a patent attorney   This is part of what needs to be incorporated into a new edition of Engineering Your Startup to help make it an ever more useful and helpful guidebook for the startup team that wants to strike it big.  ...  Have you gentlemen ever thought about having your book translated into other languages? I see that John Nesheim's book on High-Tech Startups is also in Japanese, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Too bad both of them have not made it into Hebrew yet. 

May 6, 2005 Jim Swanson notes:

05-06-05:  Proposed changes to our EYSU listing at Amazon.

Here are two proposed changes to our listing at Amazon. 
[I submitted a few changes to Amazon’s “Suggestion Box” in early 2004, but nothing happened.]

 1.  Change the “Title” to:   “Engineering Your Start-Up: A Guide for the High-Tech Entrepreneur (2nd edition)”   [This adds the edition number.] 


2.  Under “Editorial Reviews,” please insert the book “Foreword” (below) as the first item on this list:  Here’s the Foreword:

Foreword by Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage Technology Ventures
Over the years, I’ve fielded hundreds of questions about start-ups, so I’m always on the lookout for a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs. Frankly, I don’t have all the answers, but I know that the answers are out there.

Thus, it was great for me to find out about Engineering Your Start-Up. It is a very good source for the information that every entrepreneur needs (and is sometimes too embarrassed to ask others about.)

You should read this book voraciously and keep it around for when you hit “speed bumps” in the night. Jim Swanson and Mike Baird espouse a philosophy and prescribe a code of ethics that capture my feelings:

·         Trust your own judgment. But, as you set out on your journey, learn as much as you can from those who went before you.

·         Protect your integrity. There absolutely is absolute right and wrong, and as a founder, you inject either ethical or unethical DNA into the company.

·         Do things you’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate, find something else to do because starting a company is a process -- it’s not an event.

The opportunities are there. In spite of the dot-com madness, entrepreneurs will continue to lead the transformation of the world. Start-ups will create a large share of the new high-tech jobs in the next decade and beyond. 

Good fortune and best of luck as you turn your dream into reality.
                                                Guy Kawasaki
                                                CEO, Garage Technology Ventures

Page 407     Add: Every page of More information on Engineering Your Start-Up is now available for viewing at

Page 10        Change: bullet three from "Realistically, what your the chance of becoming independently wealthy through your start-up?"
to  "Realistically, what is your chance of becoming independently wealthy through your start-up?"

Page .63:     We could try to add two more years of data to the two figures (Fig. 6.2 and Fig. 6.3).

Page  65:      Ditto re: Fig. 6.4.

Page  135     (the last page of Sidebar 9.1). I could add some text here,  without changing the pagination.

Page 197:     Update data in Fig. 11.2.

notes from Jim Swanson 5-20-04

p. 10:     [a typo ... as noted in the PPIRC.]

p. 197    [Add to the chart the info for 2003 ... as marked in the PPIRC.  Resize the chart, of course, so that the new info appears within the "box."]

p. 421:    Insert the following where noted in the PPIRC:

Inc. Magazine's Angel Investor Guide and Directory  (domain too long?)

This Inc. magazine site provides many tips and resources regarding angel investors. In particular, note the link to "Directory of Angel-Investor Networks."

{{better yet, replace /research/ to /guides/ on p. 423 under}}  {{change "list of lists" to "lists of guides"}}

Mike, there was that other proposed change ... saying that every page is available for viewing at .... which no longer is true.  But we may want to put somewhere ... say on p. 407.  Also, what about referring to "Inside the Book" being available at Amazon?   Hmmm ...  [snip]