Mindwalk Schedule for April 2006

Update on Sanctuary Activities
April 3, 2006  10:15AM - Noon
Michele Roest will provide an update on the management plan for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, including updates on the protection status of Davidson Seamount, marine protected areas in the sanctuary, and the soon-to-be-completed Coastal Discovery Center in San Simeon.
Michele Roest coordinates the Sanctuary's southern office in San Simeon.  Her primary duties are to collaborate with local agencies and organizations in the southern Sanctuary range, from Cambria to Big Sur.  She provides public and school education presentations and assists with other Sanctuary programs, including water quality monitoring and research projects.  Michele received her Bachelor's degree in Biology from U.C. Santa Cruz (1984) and her Master's degree in Biology from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo (1996).  Her biology experience is primarily with marine mammals, including harbor seals, sea otters and elephant seals. As a science educator, she has developed science education programs, written science curricula and taught teacher workshops throughout the United States.  From 1994 - 2000, she was a part-time biology instructor at Cal Poly and Cuesta College.

The Role of Raptors in the Morro Bay Estuary and Watershed
April 10, 2006  10:15AM - Noon
Join Kara Hagedorn and a Red-tailed Hawk named Sunshine for an interactive review of the numerous birds of prey of this area. While showing both Sunshine and a bird's-eye view of Morro Bay, everyone will gain a deeper understanding of the unique topography of this beautiful estuary and see why it supports such a remarkable diversity of raptors.  With funding support from the National Estuary Program and the Morro Coast Audubon Society, Kara will share her love of the raptors of Morro Bay.
Kara Hagedorn grew up in Colorado and graduated with a degree in Zoology from Colorado State University.  She moved to Ithaca, New York in 1987 and fell in love with the dramatic eastern forest.  For ten years she worked for New York State Parks as a Naturalist and Environmental Educator and led hikes to visitors from around the world.  While in Ithaca, Kara volunteered countless hours at the Cornell Hawk Barn Rehab Center where she learned about the behavior and individual personalities of many species of raptors.  In 1997, Kara was encouraged to adopt and train Sunshine for programs. In 2000, Kara's husband got a job as a Professor at Cal-Poly.  Since that time Kara and Sunshine have done programs throughout the United States teaching people about the value of these beautiful birds.


Turtles and Tortoises from around the World
April 17, 2006  10:15AM - Noon
Bob and Judy Thomas have the "Triple T Ranch," a "Home for Wayward Turtles & Tortoises" in Arroyo Grande.  They presently have over 350 turtles and tortoises of 60 different species.  They work with several zoos breeding endangered species.  Bob is currently chairman for the California Turtle & Tortoise Club. 
Bob and Judy are docents with State Parks and give talks at the Pismo Nature Center during the spring, summer, and fall.  They also conduct tours of their ranch by appointment.


Challenges in Managing Park Lands for the People and Resources of California

April 24, 2006   10:15AM - Noon
The duality of the California State Parks mission statement (protecting resources while providing for outstanding outdoor recreation) creates unique perspectives for the implementation of Federal, State and local policies and regulations.
Greg Smith moved here in 1974 to pursue a relationship with the natural resources of San Luis Obispo County which had a population of 120,000. Greg started working with the State in 1978 as groundskeeper before returning to college to study biology. He worked as State biologist for 16 years before changing careers to take on the role of managing State parks. Greg says "I am very fortunate to have met my wife Karen 16 years ago, who in turn treated me to a Welsh Terrier named Marley that continues to provide me with unconditional love 14 years later."

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