Valencia Peak Hike 1347'
by Hiking Group 

Valencia Peak is a "must do" hike for Montaņa de Oro enthusiasts.

Tom Brisson, Ed Smith, Al and Carol Tsang, and Mike Baird ascended Valencia Peak, just for fun and companionship, on Saturday June 16, 2001.   Here are a few snapshots taken of the group and the scenery.  (click to enlarge photos).  This was the first hike organized under the Yahoo! Hiking Group "hikemorrobay."
We started out from the Visitor's Center, to the Valencia Peak trailhead just south of the Holloway Gardens.
 al-carol-valencia.jpg (64672 bytes) ed-al-carol-on-valencia.jpg (52032 bytes) mike-carol-al-on-valencia-8x6.jpg (83051 bytes) tom2-carol-al-ed-valencia.jpg (67608 bytes) 
The views from the peak at 1347 feet elevation, were pretty nice, as the fog was lifting and the sun bright.  We took a leisurely 1.5 hours to reach the top. 
 valencia-peak-toward-oats-east.jpg (51614 bytes) valencia-peak-toward-ocean.jpg (50635 bytes) valencia-peak-toward-ocean-north.jpg (74116 bytes)

We returned along the more north-easterly Oats Peak route, enjoying the many wildflowers and vistas along the way.  This return path, while narrow at the crossover to Oats Peak trail, and steep on Oats Peak trail itself, also affords a more direct downhill return, avoiding the ups-and-downs of the ridgeline traversed on the approach.  

You should bring two pints of water on this hike.  Long pants were deemed to have been nice (especially on the return path taken on the crossover to Oaks Peak trail) as there was some brush and poison oak along the way, but those wearing shorts were glad they did so, as it was pretty warm.  The three foot rattlesnake we saw on the final branch to Valencia Peak, however,  also invited long pants.  At this time of year, there appeared to no longer be any ticks in this area.