Photos form the Cerro Romauldo outing sponsored by Los Osos Fitness

Saturday, May 12, 2001  (click on thumbnails to enlarge photos)

Our Leaders, right-to-left, Elyse and Chris  L-R2-chris-elyse-on-romauldo-peak.jpg (75888 bytes)

On the way up...
L-R-marlene-mary-chris-romauldo.jpg (104267 bytes) hiking-up-romauldo.jpg (172687 bytes) chris-hiking-up-romauldo.jpg (136053 bytes) hiking2-up-romauldo.jpg (153292 bytes) chris.jpg (77973 bytes)
holister-from-romauldo.jpg (85793 bytes) wendy-hiking-up-romauldo.jpg (145094 bytes) near-peak-of-romauldo.jpg (107411 bytes) morro-chain-toward-ocean-from-romauldo.jpg (73819 bytes)

At the peak...
chris-on-romauldo-peak.jpg (91672 bytes) L-R-chris-chris-marlene-on-romauldo-peak.jpg (86916 bytes) L-R-wendy-roseanne-marlene-on-romauldo-peak.jpg (66450 bytes) L-R2-chris-chris-marlene-on-romauldo-peak.jpg (92200 bytes)
L-R-chris-roseanne-marlene-on-romauldo-peak.jpg (90288 bytes) L-R-chris-jim-elyse-chris-on-romauldo-peak.jpg (80267 bytes) jim-on-peak-romauldo.jpg (82494 bytes) L-R-mary77-chris-jim-on-romauldo-peak.jpg (79790 bytes)

Star of the hike, "Mary" age 77!

mary77-on-romauldo-peak.jpg (71306 bytes)

Cerro Romauldo, at elevation 1,306 feet, was named after the only Chumash Indian to receive a Mexican Land Grant of 117 acres following the secularization of the missions. Romauldo called it "Huerta de Romauldo", Romauldo's kitchen garden or orchard. Romauldo sold his land to Captain John Wilson, owner of the 32,622 acre ranch Canada de los Osso y Pecho y Islay Rancho, in 1846. Rock from Cerro Romauldo was used for building material for the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1890's.

Today the north side of Cerro Romauldo, adjacent to Highway 1, is owned by the State of California. The California National Guard uses it for fitness training.