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Background:  On January 25, 2006 the Morro Bay City Council appointed 12 residents of Morro Bay and neighboring communities to an ad hoc committee for the purpose of evaluating options that may be available to the City of Morro Bay, CA relating to the future use of the power plant site in Morro Bay, approximately 107 acres.   The plant site is now owned by LS Power.  The old plant, built in the 1950’s, currently only operates during peak demand periods and needs significant and costly modernization to produce power efficiently.  Removal of the plant would also be expensive, currently estimated to be in the $40 million range.  The Committee named itself NEW Futures and adopted this Mission Statement.

Mission Statement of The North Embarcadero Waterfront (NEW) Futures Committee

The North Embarcadero Waterfront (NEW) Futures Committee will lead a community-driven process to identify and evaluate alternatives for the power plant site.  Our Mission will be to create and document a vision that identifies and integrates the diverse perspectives and requirements of our community.

NEW A Public Community Workshop was held on Sat. Sept. 30, 2006 and over 100 residents attended and contributed ideas on alternative uses of the power plant site.  Click on the following to see results and what people had to say!  Workshop Results -- Raw Data (Word version) (PDF version)

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