Vincent Lowry - A Poem entitled "Morro Rock"

Recent Credits: "Godspeed" The Oracular Tree - Scheduled to be pub. summer 2006;
"The Diamond" The Storyteller - Published April/May/June 2006;  
"White Sands" - Published December 2005

                                                      Morro Rock
                              Beneath a blue dome, above an azure sea
                    A volcanic prodigy stands proudly to the heavens
           Caressed by the tide; encircled by a cloud of feathered hunters
         Nature’s landmark beckons a sojourn for all sea-drained travelers
    Its base, a dozen vessels strong; its peak, a half-score of stacked masts
                                 Those at shore stand and marvel
                                          The brilliance of the bay
           The uncompromising grandeur and enchantment of Morro Rock

-- Vincent Lowry morsels home