March 2005 -- Hunting Petition  -- promulgated by Mandy Davis

As a recreational user of the Morro Bay Estuary and an advocate for the health of both the wildlife and the recreational population, I request that the waterfowl hunting during the months of November, December, and January be minimized. A compromise hunting policy that allows hunting during the same time period but limited to two weekdays and Sundays, from 8 am to sunset, is appropriate and reasonable.  This revised policy would allow the wildlife to rest, feed, and dc-stress and would reduce crossover usage, diminishing the potential for safety hazards and confrontations considerably.  Additionally, the boundary lines should be redrawn to exclude all of the grassy island territory from hunting in the future.  This is an important resting and feeding site for many non-game birds and is subject to considerable use by wildlife and nature enthusiasts.  Times change, and the negative impact of hunting on 1) the local ecotourism based economy, 2) the safety and well being of local and visiting recreational boaters, and 3) indigenous and migratory wildlife must be recognized and dealt with immediately.  I ask the city of Morro Bay, the Los Osos CSD, and the National Estuary Program and the Department of Parks and Recreation to take a stand and adopt this compromise solution, prevailing upon the Department of Fish and Game to make these reasonable changes before the onset of the 2005 hunting season. I join the vast majority of locals and visitors demanding a safer, more balanced hunting policy on the Morro Bay Estuary.   If you would like to sign my petition, please complete the following and return to me.  Feel free to circulate and gather other signatures as well.  Contact Mandy Davis 788-4733 or e-mail to wildheartcomm @
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