Stan House's Letter to the Editor about 
"Dogs on Morro Strand"  12-10-02

The people of Morro Bay have been denied the access to the beach, along the beach strand, with dogs on a leash to supposedly protect the Snowy Plover.

Although the nesting season is over the state is still proceeding with this policy.  

For the last few weeks the state campground has been doing work on their sewer line. The sound of jackhammers, large trucks and compressors filled the neighborhood, and one would suppose the beach, with noise during this period. Late last week, as I walked along the beach, I notice that the state used a backhoe or bulldozer to actually dig into one of the dunes in order to put in a drain from the campground. I guess there weren't any plovers in that dune! 

I would hope that they had the proper permits for this work and, if not, someone would explain the logic of banning dogs and allowing backhoes.

Stan House
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