Morro Coast Audubon Society presents…




“Raptor Reproduction”
Kara Hagedorn and Sunshine
Learn how raptors define their territory, woo a mate, and copulate.  How do they choose a nest tree and carry sticks?  Anatomically, how do birds lay eggs?  What’s involved with incubation and raising young?  Join zoologist Kara Hagedorn and Sunshine, a Red-tailed Hawk, for an up close program on raptor reproduction.  Sunshine was shot and unable to survive in the wild, but every year she exhibits breeding behavior and lays eggs.  Hear the comical story of how Sunshine’s April Fool’s eggs became chicks that celebrate Earth Day as their birthday.


Monday, May 16, 2005 at 7:00 PM

The Congregational Church

11245 Los Osos Valley Road

San Luis Obispo, CA


Members and friends are cordially invited.  Stay afterward for refreshments and sharing.  Raffle.

Information:  contact Rosemary at 528-8193