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Backgrounds for Museum Signs (5-17-06)

Photos to promote a Native American exhibit and presentations in early 2006
<= this is a 25% sized version for quick viewing (188 KB)
<= this is a 100% sized version for best printing (5.75 MB)
<= this is a 25% sized version for quick viewing (263 KB)
<= this is a 100% sized version for best printing (5.72 MB)
Pictured are Rouvaishyana, State Park Interpreter/Manager at the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History, and
Patty Dunton - per a request by docent Ray Easton - taken 11-1-05.

Morro Bay Campground - visualization study of the addition of an event display case
  <= display case is in front of the entrance building, centered, and off-center

<= display case is on the side of the entrance building

<= display case is on the side of roadway next to entrance building

Rookery Kiosk revisions in progress:
.. here are some new higher resolution candidate images for use on the Heron Rookery sign.
These are large files and it may  take a while to open some of  the thumbnails below.

(1964x1308 1.10MB jpg version)
Above is Revised 5-16-06 to make background brighter blue like theme on larger panel
Link to a .psd Photoshop CS2 version of above

Candidate layout - This is yet an even darker print at 16"x10.65 borderless" (1964x1308) - Photoshop adj. 25-0-75, 0.25" border
Note, this darker image may not print as well as the sample below, depending on your printer setup.  More detail is visible below,
but this above darker image may have a better visual appeal mounted in a display case outside.

8-22a-05 Candidate layout - print at 16"x10.65 borderless" (1964x1308)

  <= this is a "burned" version to darken some wings
<= this is a "raw" version
Candidate layout - prints okay at 16"x25" (1964x1308)

8-5-05 change to be made:  substitute this improved Turkey Vulture (jpg, psd) for the sample in all panels below

8-2a-05 Candidate layout - prints okay at 16"x24" (1964x1308)
(spelling error corrected form 8-1-05, revised layout)

8-3H2Ogone-05 Candidate layout - prints okay at 16"x24" (1964x1308)
(revised 8-3-05 to restore part of Great Blue Heron's head that was missing)
This version has the water removed from the Great Blue Heron so
that all the birds are w/o distracting backgrounds

8-3bHAB3-05 Candidate layout - prints okay at 16"x24" (1964x1308)
This is the "Habitat Version" (1.75 MB - large for review here)
(revised 8-3c-05 to put Great Blue Heron on top and Great Egret on bottom
and added attributions to photographers,
and now 8-3bHAB3-05... is using originals from Gary and Marc for the Great Blue Heron and Great Egret)
The Great Blue Heron in this composite is by Gary Robertshaw,
The Great Egret in this composite is by Marc Kurth

The Black Crowned Night Heron in this composite is by Cleve Nash

Black Crowned Night Heron
<= versions L-R raw and enhanced
The above photos are property of photographer Cleve Nash, Cambria, CA, with permission to use with attribution, in a State Parks Heron Rookery interpretative sign.
Cleve Nash's "Embarcadero" shot:  the 1/3rd reduced size versions above are for preview only . .

<= (1630x1087, Shows bird clearly, but over waves, but not so representative of the Rookery)

Great Blue Heron

(use Gary's or ?)


Great Egret

(Marc Kurth's ?)

(Gary Robertshaw's ?)

Red Shouldered Hawk


Cormorant (unspecified)

Turkey Vulture
<= (1218x1540 1MB version of smaller )

<= 1113x1219 version (529KB)
<= 1113x1219 version compressed (161KB)

<= 1248x654 version (now obsolete)
<= 2496x1308 version (now obsolete)

Montaņa de Oro sign mockups for Rouvaishyana
Click on the below thumbnails to enlarge.

Campground and
Historic Spooner
Ranch House
5-23-05 to be like the two-
sided MBSP Campground
Spooner Ranch
House, Nature
Store, Ranger
(revised 5-18-05)
Spooner's Cove
(revised 5-18-05)

The following are the older drafts for reference only

Note, these pictures are fairly large (1752x1168) 0.5 Mb files and will download slowly for dial-up connections.
This is done so details in the pictures will reproduce on 8x10 prints.
If you are having trouble making a picture you save "print-to-fit-a-page" you might try using -- A decent free utility to view, print and manipulate images -- download their IrfavView32 program
(especially useful to re-size images, and print "best-fit-to-page") (Only handles one image at a time)
... as explained at

For reference, this is what the new two-sided sign looks like at the Morro Bay State Park Campground entrance (5-05)

The following are photos taken or otherwise legally obtained by Mike Baird to be considered for
inclusion in new and web sites to help further describe State Park locations, and individual Adventures with Nature walks...
starting from the June 2005 walk list taken from
-- click the thumbnails
below to see a larger image.    Many more alternative pictures (about 1750) can be browsed by
searching the site using Google images.  A few of the pictures below depict similar sites and not the actual walk locations.

Date Day Time Title Presenter Info Candidate Photo
3 Fri 10:00 am Exploring Oceano Lagoon and Pismo Dunes Joe Burnett Click
3 Fri 10:00 am Hike the Estero Bluff Carole & Phil Adams Click
4 Sat 9:00 am A Peak, A Creek, and A Bluff Wightman & Baird Click
4 Sat 10:30 am Great Blue Herons, Egrets and Other Rookery Wonders Louise Abbott Click
4 Sat 2:00 pm Black Hill Trail Roger Randall Click
4 Sat 2:00 pm Let's Talk Turtles Bob & Judy Thomas Click  
4 Sat 2:00 pm Plant of the Month Club-June 2005:Mariposa Lilies Barbara Renshaw Click
5 Sun 2:30 pm Dune Dwellers - Chumash & Dunites Jack Beigle Click
7 Tue 9:00 am Birding Multiple Habitats Phil Adams Click
8 Wed 9:00 am Montaņa de Oro Bluff Nature Walk Barbara & Ernest Eddy Click
8 Wed 10:00 am Oceano Lagoon Joe Burnett Click  
9 Thu 7:00 am Intertidal Life at Hazard Reef P. Riley & G. Mason Click
10 Fri 9:30 am Native Plant Gardens & Oceano Lagoon Grace & Jack Beigle Click
10 Fri 10:00 am White's Point Vistas Nancy Hartwick Click
11 Sat 11:00 am Living History at the Spooner Ranch House The Pecho Players Click
11 Sat 1:00 pm Beavers at the Oceano Lagoon T. J. Carsey Click  
11 Sat 2:00 pm Sketch Walk (Los Osos Oaks Reserve) Barbara Renshaw Click
12 Sun 9:00 am Franciscan Melange at Estero Bluffs George Mason Click
12 Sun 10:00 am Birds and Nature at Morro Strand Freeman & Worth Hall Click
14 Tue 2:00 pm Great Blue Herons, Egrets and Other Rookery Wonders Louise Abbott Click
16 Thu 9:30 am Grand Dune Trail Jack Beigle Click
picture taken from
16 Thu 2:00 pm Let's Talk Turtles Bob & Judy Thomas Click  
17 Fri 10:00 am Grand Dune Trail Joe Burnett Click
18 Sat 10:00 am Chorro Valley and the Estuary Nancy Hartwick Click
18 Sat 10:00 am Oceano Lagoon Renee & Auburn Atkins Click
18 Sat 3:00 pm Nature's 7 in 1 Spectacular Bea & Jack Morrow Click
19 Sun 2:00 pm Great Blue Herons, Egrets and Other Rookery Wonders Louise Abbott Click
22 Wed 9:00 am Montaņa de Oro Bluff Nature Walk Barbara & Ernest Eddy Click
24 Fri 2:00 pm Discover Magnificent Morro Rock R. Olszewski & C. Odekirk Click
25 Sat 8:00 am Life and Times on the Shore Norma Wightman Click
25 Sat 9:00 am Hike Coon Creek Zehnder & Baird Click
25 Sat 10:30 am Chumash Indians - A Fascinating Culture M. Enfield & T. Solomon Click
25 Sat 11:00 am Living History at the Spooner Ranch House The Pecho Players Click

Photos from April 12, 2005 docent visit to Camatta Ranch and Shell Creek
(map  Lazy Arrow Outdoor Adventures at Camatta Ranch)

These photos will be posted here for just a short period, and will then be deleted.

Some of our Hosts - Felecia, her daughter, and oldest son Hoston, other son

Farm animals

Some of our leaders in action - Barbara Renshaw, John McCabe, Tyra Solomon,
Chuck Mills - Not shown, Ray Easton (sorry!)

Enjoying lunch break and program

Flowers at Camatta Ranch and Shell Creek

Here are a few  full-resolution versions of some photos requested: (~3 MB each)

Lazy Arrow Outdoor Adventure at Camatta Ranch 2005
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
Enjoy a full day at
* Camatta Ranch
* Tram ride to view exotic wildlife
* Geology overview by John McCabe
* Native American overview by Tyra Solomon and Chuck Mills
* Wildflower viewing at Shell Creek Road by Barbara Renshaw
Bring your own box lunch and beverage... we will have lunch in the picnic area of the ranch.  Bring binoculars
The Camatta Ranch, where the Lazy Arrow operates, is located in the oak-studded hills of San Luis Obispo. This 32,000 acre ranch has been a cattle ranch since Spanish land grant days.  For more info on the Camatta ranch see but DO NOT make reservations through them.  Map at (about 25 miles east of Santa Margarita).
Cost -- $8 per person.   By Reservation Only -- Sorry, we must limit this to 40 peopleNo cancellations.
We will Car Pool
If interested call Ray Easton (805) 528-7874 or Tyra Solomon(805) 772-2343 to reserve your place...
Make sure to leave your phone number.
Docents and volunteers and spouses welcome.

Photo essay from April 13, 2004 visit is at


This is a Marc Kurth Photo --

While waiting for new content to be posted at, check out
Marc Kurth's wonderful collection of Morro Bay Photos

more coming soon