Historical Morro Bay - Photo Gallery

Below are some select photos and caption information, adapted by permission, from Morro Bay's Yesterdays, by Gates and Bailey.

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late-1880s-schooner-jessie-capt-church-from-north-shore-by-arnold.schneider.jpg (43774 bytes) Late 1880s.  Schooner "Jessie" shown, captained by Mr. Church.  Photo taken from north shore by Arnold Schneider.

1894ish-from-shore-north-of-morro-rock-by-singleton.jpg (52574 bytes) About 1894.  From the shore north of Morro Rock, looking south (believed to be near where the causeway is today).  Photo by Singleton.

early-1890s-blasting-east-face-morro-rock-view-from-north-shore-by-s.shuman.jpg (25411 bytes)  Early 1890s.  Blasting of the east face of Morro Rock.  Photo from north shore taken by S. Shuman.

1910-tressle-w-rr-track-to-quary-morro-rock-from-shore-by-s.shuman.jpg (11420 bytes) 1910. Trestle with railroad tracks to quarry on Morro Rock, from shore.  Photo by S. Shuman.

 1911ish-looking-north-on-main-at-morro-bay-blvd-eucs-planted-by-franklin.riley-by-arnold.schneider.jpg (35676 bytes) Around 1911.  Looking north on Main Street at Morro Bay Boulevard.  Eucalyptus trees were planted by Franklin Riley.  Photo by Arnold Schneider.

 1915-5th-street-now-morro-bay-blvd-toward-bay-by-s.shuman.jpg (39359 bytes) 1915.  5th Street, now called Morro Bay Boulevard, looking toward the bay.  Photo by S. Shuman.
1920s-5thstreet-now-morrobayblvd-looking-west-toward-bay-by-noma.stocking.jpg (43099 bytes) Taken in the 1920s.  5th Street, now called Morro Bay Boulevard, looking west toward the bay.  Photo by Noma Stocking.

late-1920s-surf-pouring-into-north-entrance-harbor-by-n.moses.jpg (79226 bytes) Late 1920s.  You can see the surf pouring into the north entrance to the harbor.  This must have been close to Portola's landing spot in 1769. Photo by N. Moses.

pre-1933-rock-still-island-high-tide-los-osos-empty-by-e.roy.jpg (61809 bytes) Pre 1933.  Morro Rock is still an island.  The tide appears to be relatively high, as the estuary is mostly covered by water.  The current day communities of Los Osos and Baywood Park are barely populated.  Rightmost photo by E. Roy.

 1933-causeway-skeleton-laid-view-to-east-from-morro-rock-by.s.shuman.jpg (47049 bytes) 1933.  The causeway to Morro Rock is started.  Here is shown a skeleton laid out.  This is a view to the east from Morro Rock. Photo by S. Shuman.

5-1953-as-pge-plant-starts-from-top-morro-rock-by-glen.bickford.jpg (60103 bytes) May, 1953.  This photo was taken just as the PG&E (now Duke Energy (news)) plant started construction.  Photo taken from the top of Morro Rock by Glen Bickford.

 4-1955-damage-due-to-high-seas-by-glen.bickford.jpg (65627 bytes) April, 1955.  You can see the damage done to the breakwater due to high seas.  Photo by Glen Bickford.