A Composite Photo from the Nov. 20, 2005  Canoe/Kayak Morro Bay Event -
Jack Beigle's Sierra Club Outing held in Morro Bay. CA
Celebrating fellow paddler Bill Doose's 90th birthday

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Update, Bill Doose deceased, 6-12-06. A message form Jack Beigle dated 6-17-06 says: SLO PADDLERS -- Canoeing and kayaking teaches me how to adapt to change.  This week's change is the passing of Bill Doose.  He went to sleep peacefully Monday [6-12-06] night and never woke up.  Bill Doose has been paddling with our Sierra Club SLO Paddlers group for over 15 years.  He was a great canoeist, a great assistant outing leader (sweep boat), a great companion and a great friend.  Bill was a retired teacher and he used his teaching skills to teach many of our beginning paddlers the fine art of canoeing.  One of my many happy memories of Bill is when we paddled his canoe to the Morro Bay Sand Spit [see above photo] with our group this spring [ November 20, 2005].  We had a surprise 90th birthday party, complete with balloons, songs and a beautiful cake. Bill had a grand time. He enjoyed canoeing as much as I do.  Bill was always willing to help on any project. He added a warm sparkle to our lives. He will be truly missed.  Jack Beigle -- One of Bill's paddling partners.

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Photo and composition by Mike Baird   mike at mikebaird.com