Photos from Barbara and Ernie Eddy's Nov.16, 2005 "Montaņa de Oro Bluff Nature Walk"

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Nineteen delighted participants   had the most enjoyable and educational day today, November 16, 2005, on Barbara and Ernie Eddy's Montaņa de Oro Bluff Nature Walk

The group walked for several hours all of the way from the trailhead at Spooner's Cove to the southern boundary of the park property and back. 

The old Spooner's Cove ship loading ramp was evidenced by this rusty anchor point seen at the water's edge

Ernie pointed out that the fragile Sea Palms at the water's edge somehow survived the crashing waves experienced at today's high tide. 

There were many birds along the way, including these beautiful Black Turnstones , Black Oystercatchers and Cormorants (both Double-crested and Pelagic)   , and a Say's phoebe

Barbara Eddy kept up a fast pace , but everyone was so interested in everything that we often had to be reminded to keep up

The many rock formations along the way kept the eyes busy in between the harbor seals , the Sea otters , and a Coyote

A quick pop into Coralina Cove proved to us that one needs to check the tide charts before doing serious  tide-pooling.

Ernie explained that these tar seeps are naturally occurring formations, and not the result of pollution.  

We were welcomed at the southern end of the trail with this charming sign reminding us that someday soon perhaps there will be access to the pristine property just further on. 

On the return trip we saw the obligatory California Poppy and a hovering American Kestrel We were unsure of the Kestrel's identification, but we encountered Steve Schubert leading a Camp Keep outing, and he helped us out. 

Thanks Barbara and Ernie Eddy, for what had to be one of the best-received walks of the year. 

Postscript:  Steve Schubert photographed this bobcat near the metal shed between the Ranch House and the Campground hosts during his second Camp Keep outing that day.

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