"Walk Along the Edge" nature walk led by Norma Wightman on the Estero Bluffs, Cayucos, CA 10-25-05
(Photos by Mike Baird - click thumbnails below to enlarge)
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Norma Wightman leads participants (Kit Mitsuoka and Phil Adams are shown here)

Avid birder Maggie Smith goes off on her own to look for the reported Golden Plover recently observed in the area

A Harbor Seal watches us with curiosity

A Pied-billed Grebe swallows a fish (sequence is shown L-R)

Sanderlings scramble on the beach

Black Turnstone

Black Oystercatcher


Spotted Sandpiper


annah Sparrow


Kelp harvester offshore

Phil Adams checks out a big gun Canon 5D with 300/2.8x2.0 lens