Docent Beverly "Bev" Hardy Paddles to the Sandspit in Morro Bay, CA
An article written by Teddy Llovet about a joint outing they had on Sept. 9, 2006
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Beverly Hardy of Morro Bay, CA turned 80 last April 2006, and is darn proud of it!  She confessed to me that it’s now okay for the grocery clerk to carry her bags to the car.  A California State Park docent who has worked with the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History for 25 years, Bev has volunteered and served on many committees over the years.  She is passionate and tireless when it comes to serving her causes.  On September 9, 2006, at her request, I took Bev kayaking on the bay.  We paddled over to Morro Rock to see the Otter family, then on to the sand spit where we beached across from Morro Rock.  We strolled along the ocean side viewing dozens of Pelicans in the surf, in the air, and on the beach.  With camera ready, I watched Bev stealthily close the distance between her and the Pelicans.  Once back on shore, she exclaimed, “I had a ball!” Here are a few moments with my adventuring friend.
-- Teddy Llovet

Bev preparing to leave Rock Kayak Bev paddling toward Morro Rock Bev observing pelicans on the sandspit (Click here to get the best 16"x12" 1489x1117 version ~2MB and unedited original)
Bev walking to the ocean on the sandspit Bev discovers bird prints in the sand on the ocean side of the sandspit Bev heads for the rock jetty on ocean side of the sandspit

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Editor's note: Amongst the docent community, Bev Hardy is also affectionately referred to as “Queen of School Docents.” home