Notes regarding Timothy Cleath possible Mindwalk 2006

Ray- here is the brief write-up of the talk I am putting together.
Tim Cleath will present the water history of San Luis Obispo County at the Natural History Museum's Mindwalk lecture series.  Tim, a local consulting hydrogeologist, has studied and worked with many local communities and property owners on water supply development and finds that much is gained through an understanding of how water sources have been identified and used by missions, ranchers, railroad, mining and oil, government/military, and land developers in the 1800's and early 1900's.  Tim will share stories about some of the interesting historical events and characters involved in San Luis Obispo County water development.  Some of the stories revolve around divining, dam building, geothermal sources and earthquakes.  Come and bring questions that you may have always wondered about underground water.  If there is time, he may also share about some of his international experiences in water development.

Timothy Cleath [timothycleath@[remove]]