Mindwalk Schedule for Feb. 2006

2006 February Mindwalks (rev. 12-14-06 3:24 PM)


Feb. 6, 2006  10:15AM - Noon
Volcanoes are one of nature’s most spectacular events and have been responsible for some of the world’s greatest disasters.  Volcanoes are the source of new rock when magma erupts on the earth’s surface.  This program will present the causes, types, and characteristics of volcanoes.  We will look at the hazards associated with volcanoes and examine samples of igneous rock produced by volcanoes.  Finally we will present some of the historic volcanic events throughout the world as well as those in our own back yard here on the West coast.
Biography:  John McCabe is a docent at the Museum of Natural History at Morro Bay State Park.  He is also an instructor in community programs and a tutor of geology at Cuesta College.  He is presently completing his second term as president of the Santa Lucia Rockhounds, a gem and mineral society.  John has a Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Arizona.


Living with Lions
Feb. 13, 2006  10:15AM - Noon
As we move and recreate deeper into lion country, education on mountain lions becomes increasingly important.  This program will discuss the natural history, biology, and behavior of lions, as well as ways in which we can reduce human-lion conflicts, and live more peaceably alongside our wild neighbors.
Biography:  Lynn Michelle Cullens since 2001 has directed the conservation programs of the Mountain Lion Foundation, a national non-profit organization.  Michelle has presented wildlife education programs to the Ecological Society of America, the Wildlife Society, Defenders of Wildlife, the Mountain Lion Workshops, the American Society of Mammalogists, and the World Wildlife Conflict Symposium of the Zoological Society of London.  Michelle has worked for six California environmental initiative campaigns, and for ten years has directed the activities of a national land trust over a five state region.


The Bloody Fifties: Law and Order in Early San Luis Obispo County
Feb. 20, 2006  10:15AM - Noon
We all know San Luis Obispo as a peaceful place to live, but such wasn’t always the case!  The first decade of the county’s existence was quite lawless, and violence was commonplace.  Come hear the history of early county lawmen, the infamous Jack Powers Gang, and the San Luis Obispo Vigilance Committee.  Firearms and other implements of the period will be displayed and explained. 
Biography:  Manny Silva is Historical Preservation Committee Chairman, Native Sons of the Golden West Parlor Number 290, San Luis Obispo.  A native of San Luis Obispo, he became interested in local Outlaw-Lawman folklore at a young age.  He is a career peace officer and resides in Los Osos with his wife Kim, and daughters Kaysha, Lauren, and Erin. 


Pollination – Why We Have Flowers

Feb. 27, 2006   10:15AM - Noon
This talk and slideshow will demonstrate some general rules about which type of flowers attract the different birds, animals, and insects as pollinators. Winter blooming flowers from the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden will be featured.  Cut flowers will be used to demonstrate some special pollination techniques. 
Biography:  Ken Levine is a docent at the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden, and Chairperson of the Educational Committee at the garden.  He and his wife practiced veterinary medicine in Arroyo Grande from 1962 to 1995.  Gardening and photography are two of his main interests in retirement.