Lazy Arrow Outdoor Adventure at Camatta Ranch 2005

Lazy Arrow Outdoor Adventure at Camatta Ranch
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
Enjoy a full day at
* Camatta Ranch
* Tram ride to view exotic wildlife
* Geology overview by John McCabe
* Native American overview by Tyra Solomon and Chuck Mills
* Wildflower viewing at Shell Creek Road by Barbara Renshaw
Bring your own box lunch and beverage... we will have lunch in the picnic area of the ranch.  Bring binoculars
The Camatta Ranch, where the Lazy Arrow operates, is located in the oak-studded hills of San Luis Obispo. This 32,000 acre ranch has been a cattle ranch since Spanish land grant days.  For more info on the Camatta ranch see but DO NOT make reservations through them.  Map at (about 25 miles east of Santa Margarita).
Cost -- $8 per person.   By Reservation Only -- Sorry, we must limit this to 40 peopleNo cancellations.
We will Car Pool
If interested call Ray Easton (805) 528-7874 or Tyra Solomon(805) 772-2343 to reserve your place...
Make sure to leave your phone number.
Docents and volunteers and spouses welcome.