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Chocolate Lily from Montaña de OroState Park, CA
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January - December 2004 photos have been archived below

Bird Photos from Morro Bay Estuary next to Morro Bay State Park Campground, Dec. 29, 2004
Includes "sequences" (multiple photos of the same subject merged into one image)

Nature Photos from Morro Rock (sea otter, Peregrine Falcon, gull), Dec. 19, 2004

Nature Photos from Morro Strand State Beach, Dec. 18, 2004

(includes an observation of two banded Western Snowy Plovers)

Green Anemone observed at Montaña de Oro's Coralina Cove 6-7-04
Ultra high resolution (3072x2048) for CCNHA project

Updated Jan. 19, 2005 (medium res. ver. 2250x200   super-high res. version 9000x2000, 13 MB)
A beautiful new mural entitled "The Spirit of Baywood" in Baywood, CA
(on the Ross Bldg., 2nd and Santa Maria), © Joan Rainey Day,
PO 70, Overton, NV, 89040, commissioned by Clare Telford, Los Osos, CA.
Photo by Mike Baird

Banded Western Snowy Plover observed on Morro Strand State Beach Dec 13, 2004.  Right leg: yellow above, orange below.  Left leg: white above, yellow below.  This female plover was banded as a chick at Fort Ord in 1999. Nature Photos from Morro Strand State Beach, Dec. 13, 2004
(includes an observation of one banded Western Snowy Plover)

Mocking Bird and White Crowned Sparrow at the Cloisters, Morro Bay, CA Dec. 1, 2004

Marina Point, Morro Bay State Park, Morro Bay, CA -- Nov. 30, 2004

California Sea lion, Terns, Plovers, Pips and Willets on Morro Strand beach, Nov. 29, 2004

Great Egret on Cayucos Bluffs, Cayucos, CA

Lupine (manipulated image)

  Sixteen photos from Freeman and Worth Hall's "Birds and Nature at Morro Strand" nature walk, given on Morro Strand State Beach, Morro Bay, CA, Nov. 10, 2004

These three photos were taken on Norma Wightman's docent-led walk at Northpoint tide pools in North Morro Bay, 10-27-04.
Ultra high resolution (3072x2048) for CCNHA project

Some of these photos, posted 10-12-04, by Mike and Heidi Baird, are exhibited in the Morro Bay museum during Nov-Dec 2004.

Macro photo displays 7-9-04 (will be deleted someday) Macros 

Regarding banded Western Snowy Plover observations: Please report sightings to Regena Orr, Associate Resource Ecologist, California State Parks, San Luis Obispo Coast District, (805) 771-1913, e-mail "rorr at hearstcastle.com" and to Frances Bidstrup e-mail "francesbid at directcon.net" (who is the record keeper of all Snowy Plover band combinations).

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