Biography of Dennis Sheridan

Dennis Sheridan is a native Californian who grew up in Arcadia.  He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 1973 with a degree in biology, specialty entomology.  He moved to Morro Bay in 1974 and began a career in photography, concentrating on birds of prey and native wildlife, as well as fungi, lichens, insects, wildflowers and California scenery. 

Dennis has traveled throughout the Western United States photographing nature, and in recent years has expanded his horizons to Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Belize and Peru, as well as Australia, China, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Nepal and East Africa.  His animal photographs show an amazing attention to detail, and he does fine quality macro photography of very small subjects.  He also does photographic shoots for non-profit and commercial clients.

Dennis has published many photographs in magazines, books and calendars including Blake Printery’s Birds of Prey, RGA’s Children’s Science Almanac and Killer Plants and the Vivarium Herpetological Journal and award-winning calendars.  Recent credits include photos used in California Wild (cover), Audubon field guides, The Nature of Frogs, Lizards, Turtles, Parrots, The Exotic Pet Survival Manual and Incredible Bugs.  He occasionally teaches photography classes and contributes his photography and naturalist services to the California Native Plant Society, Audubon Society, Small Wilderness Area Preservation, California Nature Conservancy, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Trust for Public Land, Lepp Institute of Photography and the Brooks Institute of Photography.