Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch Hat

March 25, 2004.  Bob Isenberg, one of the more prominent enthusiasts and observers of the Morro Bay Morro Rock Peregrine Falcons, has made up a special hat for fellow Morro Bay Peregrine Falcon watchers.  This hat includes artwork based on a photo by Dan Morris (by permission).   Bob is selling these hats for his cost of $20 each.  If you are interested in one, just look for Bob Isenberg at Morro Rock.  He is usually at the end of the south parking lot, with his scope set up next to his big pick-up truck.  This page was published at the request of Bob.  This page is     New contact info:  Bob Isenberg's phone number is (now confirmed) (805) 459-6947 in the San Luis Obispo/Los Osos area.  (Spelling error on original run has been corrected.) Coming soon, (~2012).