Locations of sightings of the Peregrine Falcons from the east eyrie of Morro Rock

The Peregrine Falcons that are nesting on the east face of Morro Rock (Xena and Zephyr) had three chicks who have fledged.  You can find them flying about, mostly to the left (south) of the eyrie, near the southeast corner of the rock, where the large parking lot meets the road going to the south side of the Rock.


Here are a couple of photos showing you where to look.

falcon-location-in-talus-6-7-01.jpg (196780 bytes) falcon-location-horses-head-6-7-01-cropped.jpg (209866 bytes) (click to enlarge)


Search for an eyrie on the west face of Morro Rock

On June 7, 2001 Curt and Sandra Beebe, Mary Leizear, and Mike Baird ventured out in "The Moro Dory" captained by owner August Phillips to try to find evidence of falcons nesting on the ocean (west) side of the Rock.  We did not see any falcons during a one hour tour at 9-10 AM.  Here are some photos from the exploration.  Just before the boat trip, we did see one adult (Rudy?) on the south side (near the "dome", and one chick on the east side (see photos above).  The images are more-or-less self describing by name (float your mouse over the thumbnails to see the image names).  Click any image to enlarge.

august2-phillips-in-control-room-6-7-01.jpg (127094 bytes) august-phillips-in-control-room-6-7-01.jpg (103921 bytes) curt-beebe-on-the-moro-dory-6-7-01.jpg (116415 bytes) morro-rock2-from-west-of-breakwater-cropped.jpg (53645 bytes)
morro-rock3-from-west-of-breakwater-cropped.jpg (59886 bytes) morro-rock-from-west-of-breakwater-cropped.jpg (52056 bytes) pilot-or-pillar-rock-nw-of-morro-rock.jpg (101082 bytes) s-side-morro-rock-from-dory.jpg (119096 bytes) west-side-morro-rock-6-7-01.jpg (113870 bytes)
west-side-morro-rock-from-the-moro-dory.jpg (113315 bytes)  
Curt and Sandra Beebe provided the following photos.
augie-held-the-moro-dory-steady.jpg (74852 bytes) curt-and-augie-searching.jpg (73617 bytes) curt-beebe-searching.jpg (71174 bytes) curt-w-binoculars.jpg (68717 bytes)
ocean-or-west-side-of-morro-rock.jpg (67596 bytes)
the-seas-were-fairly-calm-with-5foot-swells.jpg (64263 bytes) mike-baird-on-moro-dory6-7-01.jpg (33014 bytes)