Peregrine Falcon Watching - 2001

For those interested in seeing the Peregrine Falcons "up close," Docents Dr. Curt Beebe


and Sandra Beebe are frequently at the main Morro Rock parking lot on Saturday or Sunday mornings, with the Natural History Museum's 8" Celestron telescope.  You are invited to participate, and view the birds with Curt and Sandra.

Location of Eyrie on north face, courtesy Curt & Sandra Beebe

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Here are some photos from the informal meeting Sunday morning, May 20, 2001, from 9:00 to 10:00 AM.
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falcongroup-by-beebe.jpg (31427 bytes) 5-20-01-falcon-lovers2-turnput.jpg (61068 bytes) 5-20-01-falcon-lovers3-turnput.jpg (36806 bytes)  
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5-20-01-some-fog-on-north-face-morro-rock.jpg (62623 bytes) peregrine-chick.jpg (17011 bytes)


The three siblings, taken May 21, 2001 (photo on right is contrast-enhanced)

Xena, the adult female, taken Monday May 14, 2001

Videos of one of the chicks flapping around on May 24, 2001

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